Blogger U Student

I am taking the Blogger U course that WordPress offers. This might help as I attempt to grow my blog.   It is going to be chock full of ideas, I can just feel it.  It starts off simple, but then don’t we all?   I am going to invite my daughter Casey, and my friend Cathy to attend with me. They are learning one post at a time to blog. As are we all!

I will also get a groovy little badge when I finish. I am all about the groovy badges!  If you are interested in learning more about blogging,  join me at the WordPress University. Perhaps I will learn how to compose a comment that doesn’t go directly into the blog spam folder.

The first lesson was to write a blog post, I have done that! YAY, easy peasy. This might be like taking a six-year-old Dalmation to obedience school for the first time. I hope I am able to change my spots and produce better, more interesting blog posts.  After all who ever heard of a leopard attending obedience training, therefore it had to be a dalmatian.

Wait, there was a change in plan. I am taking the basics of commenting. That is where I need help.  Plus I decided that since multitasking is so imperative to my lifestyle, I will take three courses at one.  On to photography, developing a good eye.  And Intermediate custom design. This will allow me to improve my HTML.

Just adding that to my Production Plan, July – October. Everything has a place on this list.  It makes me more organized and less stressed. If you can, you should make a nice three-month production plan. It allows you to see exactly what needs to be done.  Here is mine, small so you can’t see my super secret plans.    🙂

Production plan 7-10 2016

Enjoy your Sunday!  I may have a review coming later today. I have to finish writing it first.