July 1, 2016 Starts Camp NaNoWriMo


Today is the day to face the question I have been weighing in my mind. Did I want to make myself stop feeling sorry about losing my muse and get back to writing.  I think she would have wanted me to.  My little muse always liked to stand with her front feet on my right arm as I type away at the computer waiting for time to tell me to get to bed.  So this is my first NaNoWriMo with a broken heart, a missing muse and no timekeeper.

But I did it. I got up as soon as I realized it was officially July 1, 2016 and I opened the Camp NaNoWriMo page and wrote a message to my cabin mates about my expectations and plans. Then I progressed to my writing app and started writing. My mind free to write anything it wanted. No pressure to have a certain genre in mind or a set character in place.

I admit I am a pantser. I write for the moment and let it build around me. Sometimes I like where it goes, sometimes it is tripe. When it is tripe, I try to figure what made it such and plow on. That’s the fun part of Camp NaNoWriMo, you focus on your word count. You keep the bad and edit it, or trash it in August.

So here I sit at 3:34 am already  1392 words in, with a goal of 1613 per day to finish my 50,000 words on schedule.  The mantra going through my head, “I can do this, I can do this. I am going to have fun, I can do this!”

Beau is sleeping next to me. He only goes to bed when I do, so he is probably going to be droopy and red eyed this month. I am sure he will be silently wondering why I, “the grown up in the group” have to  be told when to go to bed.  He may have already been wondering that for a couple of weeks now. I am going to see if he steps up to the plate and becomes the timekeeper around here or if we just get to run amok with constant insomnia and not a sleeping pill in sight.

So today, I am off to the races with a little bit of a mean spirited story that allows me to say snarky things through my characters mouth.  It is just four pages long at this point. I will decide later if it is tripe or if it is worth finishing. right now it is just fun.

For now, I just need to focus on those extra 221 words I need before I can call it a day, and only 18 more hours left of the Camp NaNoWriMo word count day in which to do it.

“I can do this, I can do this. I am going to have fun, I can do this!”


A-Z PE Challenge Day 1 (A)

This challenge is to post a different blog daily starting with the letter  A  all the way to  Z.

If someone hasn’t made a Z blog, please do so before I reach that letter. smileyThank you.


Today, day 1  I start with  TRTY

The blog dejour is:


America on Coffee writes about music from back in the day.  I love her posts. They are a mixture of good music, great coffee and wonderful photos of tables set to perfection and Bed and Breakfasts.

Miss Back In The Day USA

This is another of  her blogs. Not only does she post the video of music from back in the day, she takes the time to post information about the singer, their history and other songs by them. It is always a learning event to go to her blog.

She is one of the sweetest commenters out there.  She lifts my spirits with her music and her sweet comments.  When others comment on her post she is always gracious and kind.

Not only does she post music, but she also posts the most beautiful, calming and delicious  pictures.  T always enjoy going to her blog each morning.  Funny how there is always coffee steaming in the pictures.  It is like a fresh cup of coffee without having to leave the computer!

If lopsided humor is your thing, like it is mine.  You can always check out her other blog called:


Now I might be using that one for my P challenge day, so be warned.

There are several other blogs that she keeps up with as well.  Beautifully created and special in their own right.  When you go to their page all the links will be there. This is one spiritual, fun loving and musically driven blogger. I have 25 more letters to get to, so I can’t give away all my secrets blog info.

All I can say is if you like good fun, humor, coffee and music, then get to  know America on Coffee.  Their motto is:

 We are America On Coffee!  Follow Us … and let us hear you say… ‘More fresh, hot coffee please!’


America on Coffee this is about you! Enjoy your special letter day.

About the A-Z PE challenge.

This is a fun way to showcase blogs that you like and people that you want to know better.  Come join us on the 26 day challenge!

This challenge was created by gapawa.

He came up with the A-Z People Edition challenge and it is an awesome idea. If you want to join in the fun, then just join us.  Here is the link to the instructional blog you can visit

Here is a Quote from his blog explaining his motivation for this fun challenge.

” This is the people edition!  So on the first day you find someone who’s screen name starts with A and you check out their blog.  The idea is that you read through some of their posts, introduce yourself and give them some feedback.  Then, write your post of the day and publish it, describing who the person is and your experience finding and interacting with them, what you thought of their posts.  What you came away with.  I think it could be fun:)”