A-Z PE Challenge Day 14 (N)

This challenge is to post a different blog daily starting with a letter a day from A to Z.

Today we are celebrating the noble letter N!

The Blog dejour is:


This is the day we get to meet the wonderful Fatima.  She is an avid reader, a book reviewer and a writer.  Now this month she is observing Ramadan, so she will not be posting as much, but if you get a chance, you should head over and check out her work. She has lovely reviews and I enjoy her writing.

She writes from her heart and I love that about her blog.  When I read her post That she calls  Muslims – The new Communists and spoke so eloquently about the “spectre of Islam”, I almost cried for the beauty and sadness that her words evoked. If you would like to read this touching post you may read it here.

Fatima is also lighthearted in her posts.  She has the most adorable penguin mug! I hope you will visit her blog and get to know her.  She is a jewel in the Blogosphere.

Fatima allowed us to meet her main character in her Work in Progress and she wrote this about her inspiration for her exciting character,

I love talking about Shahrazad, because she is everything I’m not. Her character is based on all the inspirational women in my life; my mother, my closest friends, women in my family and other women I look up to. In short,  she’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Enjoy your special letter day today. Fatima.  Today is all about you!

About the A-Z PE challenge.

This is a fun way to showcase blogs that you like and people that you want to know better. Come join us on the 26 day challenge!

This challenge was created by gapawa.

He came up with the A-Z People Edition challenge and it is an awesome idea. If you want to join in the fun, then just join in.There is no set date or month. Just 26 days of your choosing. Here is the link to the instructional blog you can visit

Here is a Quote from his blog explaining his motivation for this fun challenge.

” This is the people edition! So on the first day you find someone who’s screen name starts with A and you check out their blog. The idea is that you read through some of their posts, introduce yourself and give them some feedback. Then, write your post of the day and publish it, describing who the person is and your experience finding and interacting with them, what you thought of their posts. What you came away with. I think it could be fun:)”