Story A Day: Day 7: Accusations

The Prompt

Write a story containing only dialogue

Accusations by Sojourner McConnell


Accusations by Sojourner McConnell

“Where have you been?”

“If it’s any of your business, I have been over at Johnny’s house. “

“Does Mom know you went there?”

“No… Why should I ask Mom? It is only two houses down. I’m not a baby!”

“What are you, stupid? Haven’t you heard the talk?”

“You better not be calling me stupid! What talk?”

“The talk about the murder, it’s been on the news and at school. Don’t you ever pay attention to things going on around you?”

“Are you serious, a murder? Who was murdered? I pay attention, unlike you who only knows about Fingernail polish and Fairies!”

“Miss Callahan, you know old Miss Callahan on the corner, in that spooky old house. And what’s wrong with Fairies?”

“When did this happen? Where was I? You are seriously talking about Miss Callahan. that lives next door to Johnny?”

“Yes, yes I am! They found her Tuesday morning. There were cop cars everywhere. Didn’t you see them?

“No… I didn’t see anything like that. It would have been kind of cool to see that. Why didn’t you tell me? Girls, I swear…”

“It’s not like boys are any better. It was probably a boy… maybe even Johnny that killed Miss Callahan.”

“Johnny wouldn’t kill anyone, it was probably a burglar. I heard she had money hidden in her house.”

“Well if Johnny didn’t kill her, then why didn’t he tell you about the murder? Hmm?

“Yeah! Why didn’t Johnny tell me… Wait a minute; you can’t go blaming Johnny for any old murder. He didn’t do anything!” You’re just jealous that Johnny is my friend and not yours!”

“Jealous? Why would I be jealous? I don’t want no murderer for a friend.”

“He… is…Not…A…Murderer! Stop saying that!”

“You can’t make me. I have heard things”.

“If you don’t stop saying that… I am going to tell Johnny what you are saying and he is going to wallop you. “

“Cause he’s a murderer.”

“He is not a murderer. You better stop saying that. I am telling Mom. MOM! MOM! Where are you? Julie is calling Johnny a murderer! I am not talking to you any more, Julie; you’re the one that’s stupid!”

“I still say he is a murderer. You can’t prove I said anything. Go run to Mom, Luke. You’re a tattletale!”

“MOM… Where are you Mom?”


Today was day 7 and I think each day gets a little harder.  Still committed to a Story A Day!  

I hope you enjoy.