AudioBook Review: Awoken by Sarah Noffke

Awoken (The Lucidites, #1)Awoken by Sarah Noffke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I listened to this on Audible as an audiobook and I also read along with the eBook. I finally put the book down and just finished listening to the Narrator.

For a person that is supposed to be a savior, Roya Stark is kind of cranky and annoyingly enough, she whines a lot. The story was interesting and the descriptions are vivid and come to life in the telling. I just did not enjoy it as much as I hoped to.

I get that she was immature and was given a huge task, but boy, was she vocal about it all.

As this is not my typical genre I gave the writing the high score and will only say that it was not exactly my cup of tea. The protagonist is a 16 year old girl drowns as she sleeps and has premonitions at night. She is called to be part of a society, the Lucidites that needs her skills to combat Zhuang. Zhuang is their enemy and they have been watching over Roya all her life in secret. There was a lot of drama and even a romantic element in the book. It was action packed and fast paced.

Saying that I will certainly give other books and stories a chance from Sarah Noffke. The writing is really well done. It was just uncomfortable for me to listen to and red her whining and complaining. I know she is only 16 so I should have cut her some slack. I just wasn’t able to.

In review of the performance, I give that a 5. Elizabeth Klett has a great way with narrations. She was the thing that kept me going. In fact I will try to find more books narrated by her and listen. Her voice is pleasant and full of variety.

The premise of this book is good, the writing is good, I just could not get into the story like I love doing. Other than the negative feelings I had for Roya, the book is good. I just wanted to love it more than I was able to. I seem to be the minority, so I accept that it was probably more me than Sarah Noffke.

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