#MTW Mystery Thriller Week is Growing! Join Us Now :)


October 23, 2016, Benjamin Thomas asked what I thought  about emulating  #ComedybookWeek  with an event for Mystery and Thriller books. I was excited about the idea. We began to brainstorm and the picture of this huge event started coming together. A multi-platform blow-out event with authors, bloggers, and other media people working together to support this genre. Benjamin procured the www.mysterythrillerweek.com site and we were off.

In just one day, we had several authors on board and a writing specialist willing to not just provide copies of her books, but provide a hands-on workshop for writers through the hour hosting project on Facebook. Rayne Hall has experience and is willing to share her knowledge live on Facebook.

Once we saw that there was genuine interest Benjamin recruited Sherrie Marshall onto the team. Sherrie was a great addition and has spearheaded some creative contest ideas for the week. She is working on the newest contest opportunity and is excited to be able to announce it very soon.

During planning meetings with those interested, we have come up with several contest themes and Andrew Christie and Jennifer Alderson are working together on those.

J. Schlenker has created a badge for the inaugural participants for posting on their blog and  websites.  It looks amazing on an email too.

charter-member-1       charter-member

What else is needed to make this a huge success? Fans, bloggers, more authors, aspiring mystery thriller writers, aspiring narrators, and anyone that wants to learn writing skills technique from the best. So if you were inspired by the groovy badges, the potential to win the amazing contest prizes, to meet favorite and new authors, then Mystery Thriller Week is the place to be in February. Now is the time to sign up to enjoy all the perks and opportunities.

We already have some hard hitters in the blogging community and would love to see you added to the list along with Bookish WormyThe Blithering Bibliomaniacs, The Suspense Is Thrilling Me and over 30 more.

Let’s get you signed up now! Official Sign up .

Once you are a participating author or specialist, you can choose an hour that is convenient for you and host your own Facebook event. Making it as special as you would like.  It is your moment in the spotlight.


We will promote it with you and send out invitations to  make it a success. Invite all your fans in to meet with you and find new readers and fans at the same time. fb-thumb

Fans , authors, bloggers, Instagram reviewers, YouTube Vloggers, and podcasters join in the fun on Facebook Group and like the Facebook Page.

I hope you are inspired to join us, blast out announcements of the event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and personal blogs. Share this with all your fans and friends. Without each component, this will not be the success that it has the potential to be. Book reviewers check out the list of books available to read and review. There are audiobooks being provided by participating  authors and narrators like Jake Urry, the new voice in Thrillers and Mysteries.

Interviews are being scheduled and this could be your time to interview on of the almost 75 authors and specialists signed up thus far. Truly there is something for everyone. Feel free to ask questions. There is so much going on, it would take a massive blog post to cover it all.

I can’t wait to work with you all on #MTW!  mtw1clickhere





Calling all Mystery & Thriller Authors, Bloggers, and Fans!


#MysteryThrillerWeek is being formally announced today. The 10-day event will begin on February 12 and run until February 22, 2017.  There will be author appearances on blogs, Facebook events. Book giveaways, reviews, and question and answer opportunities.

It is not too early to sign up and join this joint event to promote Authors of these genres. The planning has begun and all that is missing is you.

Authors:  Mystery, thriller, crime, true crime authors, fiction writers, this event is all about you. Sign up at the official Mystery Thriller Week site. There you will find  sign up sheets which will assure that your books and your brand are represented. Plan and host your own events live on the MysteryThrillerWeek Facebook page. Provide excerpts, giveaways, new releases, or write guest posts. If you are about to release your first novel, join us and build a fan base. This is the golden opportunity to get your name out in the public eye.  

Bloggers:  Sign up at the official Mystery Thriller Week site. Choose an author or authors that you want to work with through book reviews, interviews, cover reveals, and more. Be creative, make this event your own. Promote and encourage new readers, fans, and hesitant purchasers to get to know more about the authors. 

Fans:  Spread the news. Tweet #MysteryThrillerWeek often announcing the event and join in on as many events as you can.  This is the chance to share your ideas, chat with your favorite authors, and join us as we introduce new authors to you. 

Want to know more about the event? Head over to the official site , Goodreads group, or join  us on Facebook and learn what is in store for the fans of Mysteries and Thrillers. 

Remember to mention#MysteryThrillerWeek on Twitter and Facebook and get the momentum rolling.  If this sounds like something that you would like to participate in then contact us at mysterythrillerweek@gmail.com or leave a comment on the website or Facebook page.  We would love to hear from you and get you signed up!  Contact us for more ideas and more support in this event.  Benjamin Thomas and I are here for you and look forward to having many others join in. 




Book Review: They’ll Call it Treason by Jordon Greene

They'll Call It TreasonThey’ll Call It Treason by Jordon Greene
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can tell you that after reading They’ll Call it Treason, I have come to realize that thrillers are an amazing genre. One that I have overlooked because I was confusing them with horror. Thrillers like this book are a heart racing, mile a minute thrill ride.

This one book was especially exciting and the characters were so human. They were endearing in a rough and ready way. Ethan Shaw was an FBI agent but he was also a man that had always mistrusted the too much government power type of situation. He thought it could lead to abuse and detriment to the citizens.

Shaw had that theory tested as he raced all over the South trying to escape being captured by his own people. The FBI and other departments came together when he is falsely accused of going rogue.

To tell you a little bit about what is going on, I will tell you that Ethan Shaw and his partner Jason Phelps have been tracking and trying to solve a string of murders all over the country of high powered political people. There are a few similarities but not enough to make a clear picture of the agenda of this mystery assassin.

While in Georgia to protect another possible target the story takes a turn and the reader meets who is partially responsible for the murders. Then the accusation is made that it is Ethan Shaw that has been responsible for these deaths. It gets worse. Terribly worse for Ethan. On a personal level as well as on an FBI agency level.
Ethan races to prove his innocence as well as protect those closest to him. With his agency turning the area over looking for him he is forced to do things he never would have believed himself capable.

Jordon Greene has really given Ethan and the other characters so much heart and soul while maintaining their strength. It is a marvelous story that keeps you so involved.

I know I was rooting for Ethan all the way through. There are other characters in this story that have just as much personality and drive that you feel for them almost as much as you do Ethan.

This story is so well written. I hope Jordon Greene writes another book soon. It would be awesome to have it be about Ethan or one of the other amazing people from this book. But either way I will certainly read another one of his books in a heartbeat. I can not recommend this book enough. It is really a book worth reading. The release date is May 10, 2016.

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