Many Miles in One Weekend, Going home for 2 Days

We traveled from Kentucky to Alabama to see family. Wow, what a quick and exhausting trip.Although, it was totally worth it. I was able to see my son, daughter-in-law and 6 grandchildren that live near Birmingham. This is 9 of 13 grandchildren visiting their great Grandmother on her 90th birthday. She is recovering from a broken hip and was although glad to see them, was probably glad to see the room clear out after the cake and ice cream.   visiting-nanny

The day we arrived in Alabama we traveled to Hanceville to see their cousin’s farm. He is raising cows, chickens and 3 pigs. Fred took us out to see the baby that arrived right after we got there. The baby was sweet and took its time getting to her feet. That was the 90th cow born this year on the farm.



6 years old holding her first live chicken. 

On the way to my son’s house, we drove over the covered bridge in Rosa, Alabama. It was a beautifully protected bridge. covered-bridge

I picked up a new stereo audio cord by Gotor and when we were on the road, we tried the auxiliary cord out. Believe it or not made the already great sounding iPhone, sound even more amazing. The cord added so much to the quality of the sound. The tone was much richer than with the original cables. I was surprised how much better they sounded with the cables.  The flexible cord is really pretty, it is red with gold ends. The best part was the ends fit into the phone better than the original cables. I have a case on my phone and the plug was longer and slid into place perfectly.  My son in law is the audiophile in the house, but he was proud of my find. Now he wants them for his own car. I will probably loan them to him as I only use the car on occasion. See how pretty?  boxed pretty-cable


The last night we stayed with Kim, I tried a new thing called Tequila. Lime, salt, and the attractive bottle of Petrone. bottleWho expected it to be made from a cactus?  Not me.  I didn’t mind it after that first drink. It didn’t taste too strong. After a few small glasses of the cactus juice, we went downstairs and watched the teenagers play pool. It was nice seeing them learn how to play. Now they want a pool table of their own. We have potential sharks in our family.


Before leaving the state we took the family to see my Dad in Decatur and took the kids and grandkids out to dinner.  It took 2 long tables to seat us all. It was a wonderful time with our loving family. Of the 13 grandchildren I had 9 altogether at one time. Quite the feat.

As we left Alabama and entered Kentucky we decided to stop and see Lincoln’s birthplace. I had no idea it was such an attractive park and museum. There was a film, articles from the family and paintings.  Then there was the Kentucky Lincoln Monument, complete with little cabin inside.  What a great find!

A quick recap of the trip. I have to thank my lovely friend Kim for housing us Friday night and Saturday. We had a laughter-filled two nights. She also treated me to a new to me “antique” reader and an “antique” history book.  I love having a friend who knows me so well.  It was so wonderful to see everyone. No matter how quick it is, it is always worth the effort. I leave a part of my heart there, every time I go back to Sweet home Alabama.


Snapchat a Grandmother’s Secret

I have one of those new-fangled phones. I have to talk like that because I am a grandmother and everyone knows, that’s how we talk.  Anyway, I digress. The fun part of the smartphone is the awesome apps that are available.

One of my most favorite apps has become Snapchat. For those that do not know what it is, well let me inform you. It is an app that allows your selfies to have special effects that make you look , awesome, goofy, animalistic, and just, plain FUN!

So although I am shy about selfies, shy about my own appearance, I am for research purposes only, going to share some of the options, with the help of my grandchildren. They will be small enough not to humiliate me, but big enough to provide a laugh.  Ok, I lied, they will humiliate me, but they crack me up. I hope you download the free app too and have some fun. We will start with making a Grandmother glamorous with cat eyes!

Next ,we will share the total transition into Drag Queen Granny! Man, I can’t get that one small enough.


Feeling like an animal? Sarah, Nathan, and I often do.  Let’s share some.

The next are just a few of the oddball filters. It makes it all fun.  I hope everyone discoveries how much fun this app can be.  I am trying to coerce my daughter into showing it to her children, but then she might never get her phone back.  Until I was provided a full beard, I didn’t realize I looked somewhat like my son. Just kidding he is a good looking man with a beard, me, not so much.

Finally, yes there is an end, The Harry Potter Birthday filter. Note the groovy wand?

Enjoy Snapchat and always feel free to share with me. I love these things. They make me laugh for hours.  If you want beauty, there are fairy filters that make you look fairylike. In case you can’t tell they keep this house freezing and I have to wear my purple jacket all the time indoors, even in August.

Your friend,