New Release Book Review: Once Upon a War by Julia Regan


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I gave Once Upon a War by Julia Regan***** stars

Once Upon a War by Julia Regan, is a great story featuring the cutest suffragette, Anastacia Whisper. Then there is the free thinking Casper Brown, the Author of a recently banned book.

I think I fell in love with their names before I even got to know them enough to love them.

The book Casper had written, To Irvine,  was banned by Parliament because it was filling people’s heads with unacceptable images.They were sexual in nature  and  it was unacceptable at the time for women to read about such things. Of course Anastacia had read it several times and felt that it should be available for women to read if they wished.

Anastacia did not believe it should be banned so she began to sneak around and make it available to women at her bookstore. She went so far as to purchase a printing press and set it up at her bookstore apartment. Even thought that was highly illegal Anastacia felt it was important.

When the author, Casper Brown hears that there is a book seller that is going to all this trouble to help him sell his books, he just has to meet her. Once he does, it becomes a wonderful tale about the love of books and the love of each other. I really loved the character of Casper Brown. He was kind and forward thinking. He treasured his time with Anastacia and I loved that calmness he brought.

I really liked this book. It was so nicely crafted. The characters were so likable, except for that horrible lizardy old man. There was a horrible villain in the story. Ugh! Mr. Charles Sykes. He totally just creeped me out. He was really well written so that I could picture him in all his villain creepiness.

I enjoyed how Casper and Anastacia’s friends worked together to keep Anastacia safe. Julia Regan made the side characters just as interesting as the main. It was just such a perfect read. I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is just a great little book! I read it all in one sitting. So nicely done, Julia Regan!

This is a brand new release and is available at Amazon as a Kindle Edition and through KindleUnlimited.

Book Review: Once Upon A Victorian Complete Series by Julia Regan

I have reviewed several of the book singularly previously. This post contains the review for the collection plus 2 bonus reviews from two of the books contained within.

Historical Romance: Once Upon A Victorian Complete Series (Wallflower Rogue Rake Romance) (Historical Duke Lord Arranged Marriage Romance)Historical Romance: Once Upon A Victorian Complete Series (Wallflower Rogue Rake Romance) by Julia Regan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Each book in this collection is a definite fun read. The women are different types in each book so there is not a repetition of character types. The heroes in the book are beautifully written. They are human as in the case of Graham Banbury in Once Upon A Lord. He is hard and suspicious and then he warms my heart.

In Once Upon a Duke, The Duke of Yeoland is not a happy man. He is especially uncomfortable with the with his reputation as a war hero. He doesn’t want a woman that just says what they expect he wants to hear. He wants honesty and when he finds her, he is willing to scheme and plan to win her. It is a great story that celebrates the strength of a Victorian woman.

Once Upon a Rake is a sweet story about Dillon Matthews and Lyla Foster. They are the cutest two people, but there is a villain in this story that keeps it interesting. One of my favorites in the collection.

Each story is lovely in their own right. I really enjoyed this collection. Well done Julia Regan. It was a fun time reading these books.

Book Review: Once Upon a Duke by Julia Regan

Once Upon a DukeOnce Upon a Duke by Julia Regan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Patricia Vines finds herself as a wallflower amid the other less wealthy and somehow inferior high born ladies.

She is at the welcome home ball for Morland Dare, the Duke of Yeoland, who has been at war for the past ten years. He is now home and being attended to by all the Lords and ladies of his class. He is miserable, he does not like the way they kowtow to him.

When he finds Patricia and realizes that she is not as the others. He can see strength in her that others do not have. HE also believes that she is just as unhappy with the hypocrisy as the Duke, he is utterly fascinated.

The Duke is fascinated enough to invent reasons to be where she is. It is a very sweet tale. I liked that the emotion and the passion was there, but it was not over the top and all that the story was about.

There was a very intricate plan in place for the Duke to get the woman of his dreams.

I enjoyed this story and could imagine the houses, gardens and people vividly. Another Julia Regan hit.

Once Upon a RakeOnce Upon a Rake by Julia Regan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I usually enjoy Julia Regan’s books as they always have a fun and well told story. This one is no exception.

I was provided this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoyed getting to know Lyla Foster. She was about to have her coming out party when her father made a decision for her and took all the choice out of her season.

The man Dorian Price that Lyla has been contracted for is not especially a good man. There are rumors and vague hints about his behavior around town. But as the wealthiest man in town, he seems to be respected and revered by the townsfolk.

Lyla has no desire to marry Dorian Price. She can not bear for him to leer at her much less touch or kiss her. How can she be expected to enjoy the prospect of marrying him?

The story is rich with emotion and turmoil. There is the Tanner, Dillon Matthews, he is new to town. When he and Lyla meet she feels compelled to share her story with him. They are drawn to each other but there is Dorian to put a stop to anything he notices might pull Lyla away from his control.

I really enjoyed reading about these characters. Julia Regan wrote it in such a manner that you feel for Lyla and root for Dillon and realize that Lyla was right in her first assessment of Dorian. The side characters are personable and noble characters themselves. They just have to find a reason to show their nobleness. It was a very enjoyable way to spend the day reading this book.

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Book Review: Once Upon A Rogue by Julia Regan

Victorian Romance: Once Upon a Rogue (Historical Rake 19th Century Love Romance) (Lady Duke Wealth Historical Romance)Victorian Romance: Once Upon a Rogue (Historical Rake 19th Century Love Romance) by Julia Regan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Although the main story is only 170 pages long it packs so much into those pages that it is a must read. Emmeline and her twin brother William had always been close as twins will be, they shared secrets and a need for adventure. She also had an older brother Pheneas and it was this older brother that she had caught in a very compromising act. Witnessing that encounter had opened the doors of curiosity for Emmeline that she just could not put aside. There was that need for more in her that caused quite an uproar when she could try to garner more information about love and intimate encounters.

William and Emmeline arrange for her to gain more knowledge by visiting a brothel and once she had visited she desired to know more. She began a secret life that brought David into the picture. She wanted more from him than she had any other yet she was bound by convention to abide by her mother’s dictates that she be married.
This is a great story that I really enjoyed so much. I really liked Emmeline and David, I wanted them to find happiness even when it kept eluding them. That whole family was great. I loved that Julia Regan allowed you to see all the characters development as they grew older.
As a bonus there are other stories included. Very enjoyable stories.

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Book Review: Waiting for the Duke by Julia Regan

Regency Romance: Waiting for the Duke (Historical 19th Century Lady Romance) (Rake Rogue Pregnancy Romance)Regency Romance: Waiting for the Duke (Historical 19th Century Lady Romance) by Julia Regan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Julia Regan has written a story that keeps you guessing as to what else can happen to Lucia. Lucia White falls in love and her handsome Duke, Roland Casper, Duke of Gracefall, is ordered by the King to France. There has been no announcement of their intentions just a simple request that she wait for him.
Lucia and her family struggle while Roland is away at war and Lucia fears that he has chosen another after the long delay.

Family is a problem for Lucia as changes have come about that leave her feeling alone and helpless. Lord and Lady White have changed and it is almost too much to bear. They have put Lydia in jeopardy and she is unsure of how to help herself.

Only when the Duke returns from the war, does he contact her and she is unsure of what to do. He too is hesitant to make a move. There are many people standing in the way of their happiness.

The story is heart wrenching. Beautifully told with the tension of uncertainty filling the pages. I was provided a copy for review by the author.

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Once Upon A Lord by Julia Regan

Once Upon a Lord (Victorian 19th Century Arranged Marriage Romance) (Lady Rake Mystery Duke Romance)Once Upon a Lord (Victorian 19th Century Arranged Marriage Romance) by Julia Regan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once Upon a Lord by Julia Regan is the story that had a lot of different elements in place. They all worked together to make the book interesting and likable.

Ivy Hodgson and her sister’s Rose and Lily were all of a marrying age and so the parents started looking for acceptable men. The two oldest sisters wed to men they actually loved. Ivy still lived at home and in her heart of hearts wanted a love match too.

That was not exactly what happened for Ivy. She found herself in a situation at Wisteria Castle that was far from a love match.
The book was sweet and sad to me. I liked Ivy a lot.
I was worried through out the book that Ivy was going to come to a bad end.
The story had plenty of twists and turns that kept it interesting. I do wish it had been longer because I really liked the turn of events in the last quarter of the book.

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Book Review: Dangerous Secrets by Julia Regan

Romance: Dangerous Secrets (Victorian Intrigue 19th England Romance) (Historical Mystery Detective Romance)Romance: Dangerous Secrets (Victorian Intrigue 19th England Romance) by Julia Regan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Inspector Logan Tummond of Scotland Yard has become aware of a serial killer in the area. He seeks out Ruby Waterbrook whom he consults with on various occasions. He enjoys her company as more than a consultant, but she has made it clear she is not interested in a relationship in her life. She is quite the intellectual and continues to intrigue him, but he keeps his feelings to himself with her.

Dangerous Secrets by Julia Regan was a gripping story that touched so many emotions. The crimes were told in such a way that I felt a part of the story. There was so many clues that I was able to stay right with Logan and Ruby. They worked together so well that the unfolding of the story was enthralling. It kept my interest and kept me on the edge of my seat.

I enjoyed the interaction between Ruby and Logan most of all. They were forced to work together through their mutual respect, but there was always a little something more. There are lough out loud moments in this book that made you question what you knew up until that point. It is moments like that in this book that kept it from being too much. It is every much a love story as it is a mystery. It is a really good book. It had all the perfect elements in all the right places.

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