AudioBook Review: Follow Triangle-Vanish by Ken Rossignol

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Overall 4 stars
Performance 4 stars
Story 4 stars

This was my first AudioBook and I really enjoyed listening to the characters.  The characterization from the narrator brought it to life in a way that I really did not expect.  I did not realize that the narrator would take on the persona. It was eye-opening.

I liked  Marsha & Danny Jones. They are the chief security team on board the Sea Empress. they had been in law enforcement before they retired and so this is a great way to retire, going around the world in a luxury cruise liner.  I did not know that there were so many dangers on board a ship.  The additional characters added a lot of life to the story.
Of all the main characters I like Marsha the best. She has a witty response to almost every situation and she did it without being snarky. She takes her ship security job seriously but she also had a nice personality.

I really enjoyed  when they stumbled on a mysterious sight in the Bahamas. The Bermuda Triangle was focused on, and as a mystery buff I loved that this angle was brought into the story line. Ken Rossignol made this an engaging, quirky book with characters that  were fun and interesting.  They all had  great chemistry. The feeling of being a guest on a cruise ship permeated all through the story with the food, shows and trips on shore.

Joshua Bennington bring to the story  a sense of excitement and happiness. He has a way of flipping from one character to another. He gave it a mid 1900’s feeling. I liked that.

Follow Triangle Vanish by Ken Rossignol was a fun book to listen to and I will certainly be picking up more audiobooks for my library.