Special Feature: Sunday Stroll in the Gallery: featuring Kyra Leary

Sunday Stroll in the Gallery is a feature to bring new eyes to artists. Welcome to the Gallery and enjoy the view. Let’s meet Kyra Lyra.

My name is Kyra Leary and I live visually. I am not a professional photographer. I snap on impulse, capturing whatever pleases my eye or makes my heart skip a beat. In my world, a sunset is a sunset not a “colorful spectacle of light and hope”. It’s a photo and if it’s done right, it needs no description. All my nondescript photography can be viewed at www.kyraleary.com.
In addition to photography, I am the author of the Earth No. 105 series by Ame Terra. The series is a mix of science fiction, dystopian, paranormal romance. In short, a mutt. A lovable mix with something for everyone. Want to see the lovable mix for yourself? Everything Earth No. 105 can be found at https://kyraleary.com/www-whoisleader-com/.
In additional to photography and writing, I enjoy traveling, reading Indie novels, spoiling my son and dog and splurging on expensive wine. Read my “weird and witty” book reviews at https://kyraleary.com/book-reviews/.

Time to enter the Gallery: 










All my photos are free to Indie authors to use as they wish – marketing, promotions, covers or simply for inspiration. A listing of some that might inspire can be found at https://kyraleary.com/photo-listato/ but Indies can request any photo I’ve posted anywhere by shooting me an email at ameterra@comcast.net.

My books are free to anyone who follows my blog simply by emailing ameterra@comcast.net. Shop for my books at https://kyraleary.com/shop/. They are also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and ebooks.
Here’s some other places I hang out:
Twitter @LearyKyra
Instagram beckettleary

If you are an artist and want to share your artwork, photographs, pottery, modern sculpture. comic or anime, then contact me here.  I’ve brought Sunday Stroll in the Gallery over to The Page Turner and welcome new, upcoming, established artists that want to have their work seen. Contact me at vicgoodwin@gmail.com to learn how.