Once Upon A Lord by Julia Regan

Once Upon a Lord (Victorian 19th Century Arranged Marriage Romance) (Lady Rake Mystery Duke Romance)Once Upon a Lord (Victorian 19th Century Arranged Marriage Romance) by Julia Regan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once Upon a Lord by Julia Regan is the story that had a lot of different elements in place. They all worked together to make the book interesting and likable.

Ivy Hodgson and her sister’s Rose and Lily were all of a marrying age and so the parents started looking for acceptable men. The two oldest sisters wed to men they actually loved. Ivy still lived at home and in her heart of hearts wanted a love match too.

That was not exactly what happened for Ivy. She found herself in a situation at Wisteria Castle that was far from a love match.
The book was sweet and sad to me. I liked Ivy a lot.
I was worried through out the book that Ivy was going to come to a bad end.
The story had plenty of twists and turns that kept it interesting. I do wish it had been longer because I really liked the turn of events in the last quarter of the book.

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