Book Review: Lord Grenville’s Choice by G. G. Vandagriff

Lord Grenville's Choice (The Grenville Chronicles #1)Lord Grenville’s Choice by G.G. Vandagriff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Enjoyable conflict filled romance

Felicity and Alex have been married for five years when his first love becomes widowed. Felicity has always known that she was not Alex’s first choice. Between gossip and unhelpful family members felicity worries that he will choose to go back with his first love Elizabeth. Elizabeth had been his first love. They had wanted to marry when Alex was escorting her about during the season. Elizabeth’s father married her off to an older richer friend of his. Now that Elizabeth’s husband has passed away, could he get her back? He was certainly tempted when he heard the news. I thought he had treated Felicity pretty lamely knowing that she too knew about Elizabeth’s husband. Felicity I thought gave up too early. She was in love with him and she should have wanted to fight for him more.

There are many events that occur to cause a division which Alex faces that means he has as big decision to make. Stay with his wife of five years or pick up with Elizabeth.

It kept me interested and I liked Alex as a father. I questioned him as a husband because he did not let felicity know if she was important to him. Felicity was a wonderful mother and so their son, jack was a very loved happy child. I wanted this family to be happy and stay together.

I sure rooted for Felicity and Alex to work through their problems and survive all the intrusions in their lives. I liked the book a lot. The writing was wonderful and the story unique and interesting. It has warm feelings all through it. Sure it was a little aggravating, but that kept it from being boring.

I would really like to read the rest of the Grenville Chronicles by G. G. Vandagriff.

This book is available on Kindle and KindleUnlimited as well as in paperback form on Amazon

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