Book Reviews for 3 Children’s Books by Different Authors

I have had my granddaughter spending time with me in my room due to a horrifying virus that is passing around the family. So far it has skipped my 6 year old granddaughter Sarah and myself. We are staying downstairs and out of harms way.

This has given us a lot of time together and so I brought out my Kindle and found several children’s books that I had purchased from Amazon. Some were free when I picked them up, some were really reasonably priced. Anyway, we have been reading a few along and I thought I would share a few reviews in the genre of young children’s books.

I loved all three and most importantly Sarah loved them. There are three different types. All just as enjoyable as the next. I hope you find something for your little one here.

Children's book: Me too! The story of a little dog that wanted more and more...: (Bedtime story for beginners and early readers 3-8, Rhymes picture book)Children’s book: Me too! The story of a little dog that wanted more and more…: by Lea Kirshenberg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My Granddaughter and I just finished reading this book. She said it was the Best ever. She read to me the first half then asked me to read the second half.

She was interested and it kept her attention throughout. She loved the illustrations and thought that Puggy was the most cute dog ever.

This review is being generated with the assistance of a kindergartner and new reader.

I was so glad that I picked up the rhyming book. It was a fun story and the rhymes delighted us both. It also gave us a chance to discuss how it is natural and normal to feel jealousy sometimes.
I will be looking for more books from this author for us to read together.

Books for Kids: The Mermaid Adventures - The Lost Treasure of Mertopia (Children's Books, Kids Books, Mermaid Books, Bedtime Stories For Kids)Books for Kids: The Mermaid Adventures – The Lost Treasure of Mertopia by Lindsey Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Atara and Astrid were not only best friends they were also mermaids that lived in Mertopia.

They decided to head out on a big adventure to find a lost treasure. They even took along their turtle friend Shelby. Problem was that they lied about where they were going.

As they reached the deepest canyon they found some astounding creatures. They were having an exciting and scary adventure by this time. There were dangers and the little mermaids had to make choices and deal with the fact that they lied and no one knew where they were.

The words are harder for a new reader to read on her own. This is more of read to book than a reading book. That being said, it was a big hit for the six year old. She loved the crisp pictures that accompanied the story. She followed along very well with the story and it retained her attention.

We now want to read Lindsey Scott’s other Mermaid books.

LETTUCE!LETTUCE! by Diana Kizlauskas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was really a beautifully illustrated book. With vividly colored scenes. The words were carefully chosen to elicit a response from the child. It was a really enjoyable read for the youngest child in the house. She read along and enjoyed that the rabbit was interested in all the other animals opinion.

There were skunks, owls even cats and dogs. The animals were also really well drawn and the color was so bright. A lovely book to look at as well as read.

The plot was so easy to follow and there were choices that the rabbit had to make about his giant lettuce. I highly recommend this for early readers and younger.
Diana Kizlauskas really knows what she is doing when it comes to writing for small children.

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