Michigan! A Photo Presentation by John MacDonald

michigan! a photo presentationmichigan! a photo presentation by John MacDonald



  • Print Length: 106 pages
  • Publisher: john macdonald (February 9, 2016)
  • Publication Date: February 9, 2016
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English

My rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

My Review:

What a stunning way to see the colors and diversity of the Upper Penninsula and other parts of Michigan. I enjoyed the photos of the bridges and the autumn colors especially. What a vivid collection of photographs. There was at least one photo on each page and there were plenty of views of the Great lakes.


With one section dedicated to presenting the scenes in black and white and that too was just so artistic. Each section outshone the other. Breathtaking colors, skies, waterways and animals fill the pages.


This book of photographs by professional photographer, John MacDonald is a lovely way to see the beauty that Michigan has to offer. With several sections to delight the eyes, with black and white, color photos and natural scenes, it is over one hundred pages of beauty. Even photos of the ore docks and the ore tankers looks so stunning on the smooth water.


There is a lovely section that has flowers and waterfalls, my favorite was the section on the historic buildings and landmarks. With plenty of sunsets and wildlife shots that fill the screen with color and natural beauty. Then we have the bridge and the ore transporting photos. You can also visit the photographer’s photography website and view or purchase from his collection.

Where to find: Michigan! A Photo Presentation:

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Snowbound in Michigan

Last month I spent 23 days visiting with my four grandchildren, Raevyndaun, Vykktoria, Vladmier, and Valerie. We spent time reading together and they helped me with a few reviews. We shared snapchat hours and made a lot of silly faces and glamorous photos with the SnapChat filters. We also admired the snow.

There was plenty of snow to admire too. It stayed snow covered the entire visit and I loved it. Sure, there was the occasional worry that I was going to slip down the stairs, but I held on to the banister of the porch tightly.

My daughter lives in a small rural area called Rock. My grandson’s class is only 7 students.  I feel like he is getting more hands-on teaching than the ones in the bigger classes so it was quite fun to see him so enthused about his class and his school.  We attended the lower grades Christmas production, and it was adorable. k-6 took turns lining up and performing. Of course, I had 3 of the sweetest and most talented waving from the stage to me madly. Yes, I was madly waving back to them!  Valerie the baby watched the production from the bleachers.  She is only 1 after all.

But you are here to find out about the snow.  There was snow, but the snowstorm came this last week. Doubling what had fallen while I was there. So I will share the pictures with you from this week.

As you can see the height of the snow on the banister on the deck. That cup was my Christmas gift from Raevyndaun, now she will have to bring it to me on the next trip down. I might have left one or two items in Michigan, including that cup and my coat.

This is the view as you look across the yard and to the right. The pristine snow that will no doubt be staying around until the spring thaw in May. I really enjoyed the view from the house with the snowy treeline.  It was calming, muffled, and beautiful.  While I watched the snow fall holding my cup of coffee, I truly knew what it was to relax. It was very calming.


This is the view as you drive up their drive to the main road. The beauty was captured by my son in law, and he did a wonderful job of finding the beauty for me to bring home wth me.

I am back in Kentucky now and we had a week of snowy weather here too.  It was like I brought Michigan home with me.

In case you have never met Casey this was us on Christmas day. A Mama and her Baby.



Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

Here we are the day before Christmas. I am still sitting next to a stove with a roaring fire and am preparing for a day of cookie making excitement with the family.  I am thinking about the people I am not near this holiday and missing you. Yet, I am so excited to be sharing this holiday with Casey, Ken, Raevyndaun, Vykktoria, Vladmier, and Valerie.  This is a Christmas present that  I have been enjoying for two weeks and I am still having a blast.

Sure, I found the Frozen tundra plague and have been coughing and hacking to beat that band, but I also have had some beautiful children bringing me cups of tea and pb&j sandwiches in order to make me feel better.  That makes the cold tolerable.

My gifts to the family will bring even more opportunities for snuggling together and I can’t wait to share them with the children.  Even as I miss my little Sarah and the Alabama kids as well as Jacob and Nathan, I am truly having a wonderful time. My heart is full.


While I am here looking at a frozen Lake Michigan, and you are in another part of the world celebrating Christmas alone, know you are in my thoughts and my heart.


Snap chat holiday picture!


Merry Christmas everyone!