A Clash of Spooks by Nic Saint

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Felicity Bell and Alice Whitehouse have been invited to England to get rid of the ghosts that are plaguing the Windermere Castle. When they arrive they are immediately immersed in conversation, confusing conversation with active bossy ghosts.

This book is filled with gut wrenching laughs. Alice and Reese spending a short while reminiscing over their dinner of Stargazy Pie was hilarious. They kept talking about more and more disgusting dishes.

The cast of characters are eclectic at best. They are typically hilarious and have unique personalities. Aimee and her mother are in England looking for her father, the missing spy. Bramwell is following Aimee to see if he could find the missing spy. Someone might even be following Bramwell. Reese and Rick came to England to be with Fee and Alice. The list of characters just keep growing and adding to the confusion. But it is sort of organized chaos. Until the rats start conversing.

The mystery is real, something is happening to the people in the castle. Deaths ghosts, missing people, people being knocked out,and even kidnappings, something is definitely going on. There are plenty of ghosts around that could help. Well they could be of help if they would be a little more cooperative. The ghosts seem to keep their old fashioned notions even after death. There are some pretty funny ghost to ghost wrangler conversations.

This book had the most obscure conversations and I laughed all the way through. Even when there was murder and mayhem at play.

These are the most interactive ghosts I have ever heard of in one place and they all have their own agendas. There is more on the line than just ghosts. There are Russians, secrets and Faberge’ eggs. Life is always more interesting when there are Faberge’ eggs involved. This book is a rollicking good read! Nic Saint does it again! They have me begging for more from these Ghost Wranglers.

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Book Review: A Touch of Ghost by Nic Saint

A Touch of Ghost (The Mysteries of Bell & Whitehouse, #5)A Touch of Ghost by Nic Saint
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was my first book of the Mysteries of Bell and Whitehouse books so I kind of felt confused with the long list of characters at first. Then I started getting into the humor and personalities of these characters. I really thought that Rick and Fee as well as Alice and Reece were cute fun couples. They had several miscommunication moments that were just over the top funny. Poor Rick found himself in such a predicament and really had no clue as to how it appeared to Felicity. Reece had a close call as well that was just shiver worthy.

I think one of the best lines in the books was when when the chief states, “That’s lack of leadership for you, son. Mary ran a pretty tight ship-never had any trouble. And look at this place now. Charlatans kidnapping locals, staff leaving their post, guests behaving like a bunch of headless chickens…Anarchy reigning supreme!” That statement alone takes in so much of the story and made me laugh out loud.

A very fun read for me. I now want to catch up with the other books in the series and see where we go from here. I would like to get to know these crazy characters better. They are something else.

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