Book Review: The Road to Eden by Rachelle du Bois


The Road to Eden, Oak Series Book 1 by Rachelle du Bois

My rating: **** of *****

I enjoyed the story of Adam Blythe and Eve Vermont. They had so much to overcome. Eve was secretive and obviously dealing with something that was causing her pain when she first arrived at Adam’s home as the housekeeper. Adam and his mother both made her feel welcome and she soon found herself attracted to the oldest son.

Eve was known to sneak away often. Adam did not know what the problem she was facing and her secretiveness was about.

He was curious as to why she would leave late at night and was making secretive phone calls. It was a strange night when they came together in a beautiful moment. They had to work around many little miscommunications, but they did it beautifully.

The writing is beautiful and the characters are well formed. Sometimes it seems that the characters are just too beautiful and perfect. It is an easy read. I enjoyed this book and was glad to learn their story. It was good to see what inspired Martin, the younger brother, as well. He is featured in the next book of the series.

Sylvia Blythe, Adam and Martin’s mother is such a sweet addition. She is a lovely mother and a kind friend to Eve. This is the first of the series and I have read the second book as well. There is one other English language book available. What a great loving family.

I enjoyed this book. I will be reading more from Rachelle du Bois. She has several other books available in her native language. She lives in South Africa.

The book The Road to Eden is available in Kindle format at Amazon

Book Review: Oak Seed by Rachelle du Bois

Oak Seed Oak, Series Book 2 by Rachelle du Bois

My rating: **** of *****

Martin Blythe and Alicia Venter meet in the most innocent of ways, but the feelings that they both shared was a shock to them. Neither one knows that the other is attracted and yet when they keep meeting in unexpected places, it becomes harder to resist that draw.

This book is sweet and endearing. The characters are very intelligent and sensitive.

Alicia and her sister Beth both work at a book store with their father and are not expecting anything like love to suddenly appear.

Oak Seed has a bonus relationship building in the sidelines and it is so cute and unexpected as well.

I really liked Alicia. She is a devoted sister and daughter and just a good person all round. The sisters are so loving to each other and the people around them. I especially liked Silvia, maybe something could be brewing for her.

Martin is also a caring man that has babies on his mind ever since his little niece was born.

If you enjoy a sweet tender love story with lovely characters then this is a book for you. Rachelle du Bois has done a great job presenting and telling the story of two families.

There is plenty of heat to their romance without being over the top. Oak Seed really was a very nice read.

The book Oak Seed is available in Kindle format on Amazon

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