Secret Project Started Today… Eek I am excited!

Yesterday I spoke with a friend that just happens to be a very admired author.  While we were speaking she brought up a few things that I had not realized about my first book.

This morning brought a flood of thoughts, ideas, and solutions to my mind.  All day, I have been working on plotting and character building.  There will be no dogs to keep me blocked and perhaps this new little secret project of mine will be the best thing that has happened in a while.

Considering it is two am and I am still working should show the level of brain cells working, firing off and connecting to the right places in my gray matter. 570363cf-df98-431f-a891-bc6424d41418 Trust me, it isn’t every day that occurs.  I could tell you some stories. But I will save that for another day and another writing challenge.

Sure, you have probably guessed what I am alluding to. I am terrible about keeping secrets.  I am a blabber, pure and simple.  I tell just about everything! midis_crazy1Except presents, I do not tell what a present is before giving it.  I was burned by my loving yet sometimes evil sister on that particular tendency.

Everyone knows this and expects it. Truth to be told, my oldest daughter cringes in the morning before she has her coffee because I wake up blabbing.  I tell her my dreams, my plans, my memories and she just glares at the clock. “Really Mom, it isn’t even six thirty! Can we just talk later?”

I always nod and be quiet for about 5 minutes. Ok well it is actually closer to 3 minutes. Oh a good day, that is. Sometimes, you just have to get those dreams out before you forget them. It’s not my fault she doesn’t remember her dreams like I do, all vividly and in living color!. I try to give her a chance to take a sip or two of coffee before starting in again.  I am understanding and courteous like that. I probably get that from my Southern grandmother. HappyDance (1)

So enough about me and my little chatty Kathy problem. Instead of out and out blabbing, I will leave a few hints that might make me laugh more than it does you.

This was my day, all day long, except when we had company and I just looked longingly at the computer and talked to them.  This is me after they left. pc-kitty-

I will say that I am working with Scrivener and rereading the tutorials on that program.  I will post a selfie of me typing away. There we are!writing

Here I am gussied up in my usual writing garb. I am pretty fancy like that.  Writing secret things happens to be my job, and I always get dressed up to go to work.  I am very serious about my first impression when someone walks into the computer room and sees me working.


This might be enough silliness. I have some writing to do.  Believe me I will  be posting more later. You know me, Now!  I can’t be quiet when I am all hyper and excited and those creative synapses are firing correctly for a change.

Synapses at work!