Release Day Book Review: Sunset Rivalry by Shannyn Leah

Sunset Rivalry (The Caliendo Resort #2)Sunset Rivalry by Shannyn Leah
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have just finished reading an ARC of Sunset Rivalry on the books Release Day. I was provided the copy by Shannyn Leah in exchange for an honest review.

My honest opinion is, once again Shannyn Leah brought two wonderful, passionate and generous characters to life. The book is the 2nd in the Caliendo Resort series and the more I learn about this family the more I love them.

The Caliendo children and their mother had been ruled by Robert a very devious and cruel man. He built their family’s empire which included a resort and everything nice that money could buy. He also brought pain and secrets into their life. That was something that money couldn’t touch. Yet each book I read about this family shows what strong and compassionate people they turned out to be.

Anya is no exception. She has been missing for two years. No one knows what she is doing or where she is. When she shows back up at the resort sneaking in during the dead of night, Marc brings Quinn Barker back to the resort to find her.

Quinn was working for Robert two years ago and the family and especially Anya do not trust him. After all, he seems to be the same type of man that Robert was. What they do not know is that Quinn was out to find his own file. A file that can answer all the questions he has had for many years.

When Anya returns she is a shadow of her former self. Skin and bones and washed out. She is not happy when she sees Quinn. He had broken her heart two years earlier, how could she trust that he would not do it again.

These two people were on fire for each other. I rooted for them t find love as their common ground. To find trust and acceptance. The writing was brilliant. The story was electric. I totally enjoyed this book. There is so much involved in their lives, with surprises and excellent dialogue. Shannyn Leah really brought everything to this book and it worked out wonderfully. Another great book in a wonderful series.

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As a bonus here is the review on book 1 of the Caliendo Resort Series.

Book Review: Sunset Thunder by Shannyn Leah

Sunset Thunder (The Caliendo Resort #1)Sunset Thunder by Shannyn Leah
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Violet Caliendo was a divorced wedding coordinator at her family owned resort. How could it be a problem to plan her ex-husband’s wedding with the ex-employee from the resort?

Violet felt she could do it even if that meant coming face to face with Ryder Carlex.

Ryder the playboy that Joel had used as his best man, again. Just as he had at her own wedding with Joel. Her feelings about Ryder are so intense. Joel had shared so many stories about his debauchery that disgusted her.

Ryder was wonderfully written. He is so complex and has secrets that he refuses to let come to light. He will endure any gossip and stories to keep his secrets closeted away.

The story was great. With characters that are well rounded and have minds of their own. Marc from the McAdams Sisters series has an active role in this story. He is always fun, and the family all know how to get him riled up.

Violet and Ryder keep coming together and it just keeps getting hotter and hotter for them. They only have to worry about Joel, her family, oh yeah and her kids. There are secrets that have the potential to hurt so many people. It doesn’t help that Robert Caliendo’s secret room is being invaded by the family in order to make amends. That means secrets are being brought out into the open.

Shannyn Leah has really started this new series with a bang. This book was hard to put down. It was filled with laughter, pain and love. Each facet was beautifully written.

I am now going to read Sunset Rivalry. I can’t wait to delve into this story. I can depend on Shannyn to bring me a great story to sink my teeth into.
You can pick up a copy of Sunset Thunder on Amazon

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