Confessions of a Less than Satisfactory Month of Writing

Here we are already in June. Oh my gosh, that means the year is almost half over.  Amazing how fast time flies now.  April had kept me engaged with Camp NanoWrimo and so perhaps it was that motivation that I needed.  May brought in only myself to motivate me until I found the Story a Day Website.  I started the month like a tornado. Writing a story a day, blogging and doing my book reviews.  Oh I felt like I was on top of the world.

On about the fifteenth of May, my much loved Aussie, Arrow began to get sick every night and refused to eat during the day. She lost weight and would not eat anything but a lick or two of peanut butter.

On the 18th the vet saw her and thought it might be ulcers since she had had vomited blood.  A week and a half later her medicine all taken and Arrow was still unable or unwilling to eat anything larger than the size of a pea. By now I could see how much weight she had lost.

Her brother Beau, had taken it upon himself to eat everything that she could not. So he has gained the same amount of weight that Arrow has lost.  She wanted to play, she loves her stuffed duck and the little rotund hedgehog and would still chase it and play with Beau when he got to it first.

I was taking her outside all through the night to throw up. She would be fine for a day or two then she was once again nauseous.

By this time, I had gotten sick worrying about her and I found my brain unable to write. Which threw me into a panic since I had just gotten to the point that I could once again write after years of total mental blankness.  I can admit the thought of going back to that is  so scary for me. I will not go into all that now, I wrote the reviews to free my mental blank and it was working.

Another trip to the Veterinarian meant full blood work and a full physical. He felt no obstructions no masses. The Blood work showed nothing wrong with her. She is healthy as a horse. She is just not able to eat.

Today is June 2nd and I am already writing a little more than I had the last week of May. I am happy that my dog is not fatally ill and I hope I can focus this month.

I guess this is long and drawn out. It was important to me me to share what was going on in my life. So here is my monthly May chart:

May 2016

Now again I must focus and keep writing.  So we have this, I will call this a short story and be done with my monthly events. Here’s to June!