And I Thought it was Cold Here!

I just heard from my daughter and it was -20 last night at her house in the UP.  Needless to say, her propane bill is overwhelming this month. She just filled the tank and it is needing another fill already. Minus zero degree weather will cause your heater to go into overdrive.

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While I was engrossed in MTW This happened!


Yes! I have over 1000 followers now. I love each one of you too. I mean you took the time to follow me and in return, I follow your blogs too.  I hope you are still happy with the content of the posts.

I am still loving reviewing books. Maybe I should explain that I am not a reviewer of analytical discussion and grammar policing. I am a reviewer that tells you why I loved, liked, or tolerated a book.

If I do not like the book or found it unappealing while reading, I do not post about it. My personal philosophy is: Why should I waste my energy and time to share a book that I found terrible?  Why even clutter my friend’s brains with the mundane and bad? You can go to other sites for that. Goodreads and Amazon are where you can find bad books.  Not on The Page Turner.

I also hope that you enjoy my little misadventures with my family, writing and learning processes.  There is something freeing about sharing a vacation, a productive day of writing, or just a fun day.

Thank you all for following me.  I enjoy your pages immensely and I hope you find something entertaining about mine.

Here is a rare picture: 


Mufasa sharing a Sweet Boy moment. (few and far between) 



Snap Chat Pop Quiz!


The correct answer is worth 50 points! 

Who’s that hiding under those glasses, that toboggan, and beard?



Why it’s Audrey Hepburn of course!  



Snowbound in Michigan

Last month I spent 23 days visiting with my four grandchildren, Raevyndaun, Vykktoria, Vladmier, and Valerie. We spent time reading together and they helped me with a few reviews. We shared snapchat hours and made a lot of silly faces and glamorous photos with the SnapChat filters. We also admired the snow.

There was plenty of snow to admire too. It stayed snow covered the entire visit and I loved it. Sure, there was the occasional worry that I was going to slip down the stairs, but I held on to the banister of the porch tightly.

My daughter lives in a small rural area called Rock. My grandson’s class is only 7 students.  I feel like he is getting more hands-on teaching than the ones in the bigger classes so it was quite fun to see him so enthused about his class and his school.  We attended the lower grades Christmas production, and it was adorable. k-6 took turns lining up and performing. Of course, I had 3 of the sweetest and most talented waving from the stage to me madly. Yes, I was madly waving back to them!  Valerie the baby watched the production from the bleachers.  She is only 1 after all.

But you are here to find out about the snow.  There was snow, but the snowstorm came this last week. Doubling what had fallen while I was there. So I will share the pictures with you from this week.

As you can see the height of the snow on the banister on the deck. That cup was my Christmas gift from Raevyndaun, now she will have to bring it to me on the next trip down. I might have left one or two items in Michigan, including that cup and my coat.

This is the view as you look across the yard and to the right. The pristine snow that will no doubt be staying around until the spring thaw in May. I really enjoyed the view from the house with the snowy treeline.  It was calming, muffled, and beautiful.  While I watched the snow fall holding my cup of coffee, I truly knew what it was to relax. It was very calming.


This is the view as you drive up their drive to the main road. The beauty was captured by my son in law, and he did a wonderful job of finding the beauty for me to bring home wth me.

I am back in Kentucky now and we had a week of snowy weather here too.  It was like I brought Michigan home with me.

In case you have never met Casey this was us on Christmas day. A Mama and her Baby.