Daily Prompt 2016: A Brother’s Blessing

The Prompt from: The Daily Prompt 2016 by J. C. Cauthon

Use the following items to create a scene:

a Gameboy, a basketball, and a pasta strainer


                                              A  Brother’s Blessing by Sojourner McConnell

Conrad,  sitting with his feet curled up under him at the kitchen table, appeared to be  completely focused on the Gameboy propped in his lap. His little brother, Cole sitting directly across the table from him was idly spinning the basketball on one finger.

“Mom, look! I can do it!”

The boy’s mom was leaning  against the sink with a pasta strainer in her hand waiting for the last of the water seep out from the spaghetti noodles. “Just a minute, Cole. This is hot!”

“He isn’t supposed to play basketball in the house, is he?” Conrad doesn’t  bother looking up from his game, as he makes his announcement.

“Are you going to let him play ball in the house, Mom?” Conrad  speaks loudly over the beeping and whirring of the game.

“I am not playing ball in the house, I am just spinning it for Mom, right Mom?”

“No fighting boy’s. Both of you stop playing and set the table. No more arguing.”

Both boys grumble as they drop their toys and began gathering up plates, forks and spoons.

“I’ll call Dad. Boy are you going to get it when he finds out you were playing ball in the house.” Conrad mumbles as he passes Cole.

“Mom, Conrad’s trying to get me in trouble. Tell him to stop!”

“Everyone stop the arguing it is dinner time!”

As  Mom carries the spaghetti over to the table she asks, “Who wants to say the blessing?”

“Can I pray that his Game boy breaks?”

“No!” Mom and Dad answer in unison.

“Then not me!” Declared Cole.


The Daily Prompt, 2016: One Note

The Prompt from: The Daily Prompt 2016 by J. C. Cauthon

Use the following items to create a scene:

A Post-It pad, a nightstand, a wedding dress, a ballet slipper

One Note by Sojourner McConnell

Sylvia stood in the doorway, looking back and forth at the small furniture. She stopped panning the room when her eyes fell on the lone ballet slipper that was lying next to the dressing table. The frilly lace cover almost blocking that small sliver of pink from view. But Sylvia saw it and it made her smile. A forlorn smile that spoke volumes about her emotional state today.

Sylvia, again looked across the room, her mind filled with visions of her little Tracey carrying her ballet slippers into her bedroom every Monday night. Always with the little bun on the back of her head and the pink leotard with flouncy skirt. Her memories were so vivid she could almost touch that golden hair stiff with hair spray and gel.

Blinking back to the present she stepped farther into the room and her eyes lit on the white lace dress placed carefully on the foot of the bed. The white in sharp contrast to the pink and black stripes of the comforter. Reaching out a hand she touched the crisp lace and her hand gently smoothed the material.

Her mind floating back to earlier in the day when that golden haired woman had entered the chapel her face bright with emotion. Her eyes filled with love looking only at the handsome man standing by the alter.

Sylvia wanted to make eye contact with her little girl one more time before she became a married woman. A woman that was starting out life in a different direction. A direction away from her doting mother. Sadness was there, but oh, so much pride. So happy that her beautiful daughter had found the man that she would love, cherish and assist through their life together.

Sylvia never got a chance to look at her, nod in approval and smile with all the love that enveloped her heart when she looked at that dear face. Tracey was focused on the man that had stolen her heart.

Stroking the material, she sat down on the bed next to the long white beaded dress. Her eyes next noticed the small wooden nightstand that typically held her little ballet dancer lamp and the book that she wanted to read before bed. This room had been empty for the last five years while Tracey went to college and then moved into the city to work. Five years since her  girl spent more than a night or two in this room. Today there was only the lamp and a yellow post-It pad.

Sylvia did not remember a Post-It pad being in here the last time she dusted. Reaching for the small pad, she saw her daughters small fine penmanship and she read, Mom.
With tears in her eyes she continued to read the quick note on the little yellow square.

You taught love.
Now, I’ll teach love.
I’ll love you always!

A smile crept across Sylvia’s face. Perhaps her daughter did have room enough for her new husband and the mother that loved her so much.

“Don! Don! Let’s go out to dinner and celebrate our daughter’s happiness.”

Standing she went downstairs to the comfort of the living room where she knew she would find her husband. The husband that had always shared her heart with their daughter.

Sylvia remembered that her own heart had expanded to make room for the people that she loved. Both when she left her Mother to marry Don, so many years before, and yet again when she gave birth to Tracey.

Sylvia only needed that one note to remind her.