Introducing New Music by Ralph Lee Ridenour

I have stumbled upon an excellent musician. not just a singer but one of those true musicians that write his own lyrics creates the music in all forms and records his compositions.  I am providing four of his songs that touched me in many ways. There were other songs that pulled to me but I didn’t want to share all his work on here.  Let’s get to know Ralph Lee Ridenour.

Ralph Lee Ridenour has been creating original music his entire life. He has been writing as far back as he can remember and his first song was written at 6 years old and was entitled I love you baby, baby, baby.

As a musician he has lived and worked in Hollywood, San Francisco, Nashville and has settled in the neighboring city of Lexington, Kentucky. This is where it was my pleasure to meet this very talented man.

Ralph Lee Ridenour has a history of filling music halls in many cities around the country. Now it is Kentucky’s turn to host this musical marvel.  When he sings it is brilliant. His harmonies make me close my eyes and just listen to his words. Even when the song is rock it comes across as deep and touches me in a nice way.  Queen of Chaos is hard hitting and I loved it.  I really had a difficult time choosing which songs to share. So my suggestion is that you subscribe to his YouTube channel and hear them all.

When asked what he wants for the future, he simply responded, ” I want to survive it.”

When you look to become a fan here is where you can find Ralph Lee Ridenour.  Surround him with your musical love and let him know which songs you loved most.










Spam Folder Blues

If I were a songwriter, I would be grabbing my guitar and propping it in my lap in order to compose a little bluesy ditty I would call the Spam Folder Blues. It would begin with the simple verse:

I am a commenting fool when it comes to you. 

I comment when you make me smile.

I comment when it is worth my while.

All the words I write are true,

Yet  categorically considered Spam, by the Word Press Crew

I must write like a spammer, my words must be too few. 

I have the Spam Folder Blues! Oh yes, I’ver got the spam folder blues.


Take a moment to check your Spam folder and see what clever (in my mind) messages I left on your page.

Lyrics must be attributed to me. No one else would claim them!  I never said I was a songwriter.





Featured Artist: Steve Walle


I have been fortunate enough to meet a wonderful singer, musician and songwriter. His name is Steve Walle.  This is the cover of his current CD named  A Vision. It is absolutely worth listening to.

.  stevewalle

To let you know a little more about Steve, he comes from the windy and beautiful state of Montana.  Steve’s first CD  is available and it contains twelve songs that all have a country and western theme. Two of the songs on this CD,  A Vision and Cowboy Praise, are original music and lyrics by Steve Walle. The other ten songs on this CD will take you down memory lane and put a real smile on your face. You can sample the song on the CD and buy it at CD

I listened to this CD and I really enjoy the timbre of his voice. He has the perfect quality to his voice for this type of music.  Each song was beautifully performed and sounded great. I was then fortunate enough to view some of his videos. That confirmed what I already knew, that this man is extremely talented.

If you want to see him playing and singing then check out his videos, like Bluegrass Road.  Another song written and performed by Steve.

There are quite a few videos on YouTube that will show you more of his original work. He wrote the romantic song, Sweet Hearted Daisy. This is one song that really makes you appreciate his talent as a singer and a songwriter. Should I admit that it is a personal favorite?

The pure talent is obvious when you hear him sing and play the guitar, but in case that wasn’t enough, he plays ten additional instruments.  Steve Walle has such a way with words and the guitar.  I find myself listening to these songs over and over again.

Steve is preparing to go back into the studio to record a new CD.   The cover work has been commissioned and the CD will soon be made available.  I personally can not wait for the release. I understand there will be new songs and old favorites on the playlist.   I will be sure to announce the release date when I have the date in my hand.   Enjoy getting to know Steve through his music. You will not be sorry!