Book Review: The Inscription

The InscriptionThe Inscription by Pam Binder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wonderful time travel

Amber McPhee is from Seattle and is spending time with her aunt Dora in Scotland. While on her way to a fair she crashes into Loch Ness.

Lachlan MacAlpin has been dreaming about a woman in the Loch for a while. He goes to the loch and while walking the shore he sees someone in the water. He swims to her and tries to bring her to shore.

Amber wakes to find the Scottish re-enactors all over the castle. She is unclear as to what has happened until she realizes she is in a castle that in the 1990’s is a ruin.

Time travel doesn’t seem real, but it us the only conclusion age can reach.

The author really makes the castle and the characters come to life. The struggle for Amber to adjust to the clothes and the rustic provisions are very much how I would feel in that situation.

Lachlan is a wonderful provider and caretaker for his family. He takes his responsibilities very seriously. He has worries about inheriting his Father’s worst trait.

Amber is such a gentle person. She is a good hard working woman that really has herself together. She was a pleasure to meet.

The secondary characters are as lively and interesting as the main. There is so much family intrigue and personality, that I found them to be a bonus.

I loved Gavin as well. He was the perfect character to add fun and heart to the story.

All in all I just loved this book. It kept me reading all night long.

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