New Review on Goodreads for The Path of the Child.

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The Path of the Child by Sojourner McConnell

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New Amazon Review: For The Path of the Child

By aarem
This review is from: The Path of the Child (Paperback)
Young Melanie Easton got no love from her mother who is fighting her own demons. But Melanie’s life changes dramatically when her classmate Rob gets her a job at a pizza place where he is employed part-time. Melanie had been so lonely that she finds her workplace home. The author is a skillful writer who takes us effortlessly through the many turns and twists in Melanie’s life. What happens to her friendship with the ever-helpful Rob? Well, this is the question that made me finish the book in two days, my other engagements notwithstanding. From the depiction of lifelike characters, one would suspect an autobiographical element in the theme. Five stars as this is the first book by the author.

I am so thankful for this unknown person’s review. I am not sure who aarem is but thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is reviews like this that keeps me writing the sequel to The Path of the Child. I am telling what happened to Melanie and Robert and their amazing friendship​. I look forward to announcing that the book is ready for publication in January.

Thank you again, aarem. You have made my day!

Want to read more, The Path of the Child is on Amazon

Goodreads Giveaway Runs Through August 24th.

Would you like to win one of two signed copies of the Path of the Child, by Sojourner McConnell?

There is a giveaway on Goodreads for the next nine days, where you may win this prize, but that can only happen if you take a moment to enter.

The paperback book is sitting on my table, in living color, just waiting for an inscription to be added. Sojourner has a pen in her hot little hand, itching to sign these two copies.

Unfortunately, the giveaway is only running in the US and Canada this time around.

I personally can not wait to see who wins. How awesome would it be if the winner was one of The Page Turner’s followers? I can only say, with the most sincere wish, Good luck to you all!

Look below for a simple and groovy way to enter, without having to type a word!

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The Path of the Child by Sojourner McConnell

The Path of the Child

by Sojourner McConnell

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Interview with David Snape Online Radio for The Path of the Child

This is all a new concept for me. To be allowed to speak about a book that I worked on so hard and labored to bring it to a satisfactory conclusion, amazing to say the least.  David Snape is a Blogger and hosts a radio show on Mixcloud. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by him. He asks very complex and in-depth questions.  I hope I do not sound too nervous in the interview. I am basically a shy and socially awkward. This was my attempt to be a better author by promoting my book. David has music and interviews along with interesting blog posts and little-known news. His show runs about two hours. Some great music is included as well as an interview with a young man with Autism that blogs and writes weekly stories.

My interview starts at about 1:25 into the show if you have an interesting in just how southern I might sound. As I said, he asked some deep questions and you can hear me thinking of my answers. Hopefully, you can gain an insight on the book. You guys were mentioned and if you wonder how I feel about you, take a listen.  If you like music, interesting topics, and interviews, then listen to the entire show! One song after the interview, he gives a review of the book, at about 1:48.  Hope you take a listen, it was more fun than I  imagined. Can’t shake that accent, it is here for life.  Perhaps now, it is not too far-fetched to  consider doing a book signing. Links to the book are shown below.


The Path of the Child (2) (3) official
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble



UPS made my day!

The doorbell rings, Beau races to get behind me, as he verbally  warns of the “Doorbell ringing murder” that he suspects is at the door. Instead, it is the UPS man.  Looking lovely in his brown shorts and carrying a large brown box. I bring it inside as he returns to his large brown van.

Oh, the large brown box  is totally addressed to me!  YAY!

Beau and I open the box and what do we find?  Let me show you!


Why, it’s copies of my book for the Goodreads giveaway and for providing to local distributors. Plus one for my coffee table.

Let me show you up close and personal, the front and back covers.


Today is a lovely day to be getting mail!

Beau is relaxing, now that he once again able to hide well enough for the doorbell ringing murderer to pass this house, without having to go through me, to get to the poor shivering guard dog!

2016-06-18 09.33.54
Survivor for another day!



Excerpt from: The Path of the Child by Sojourner McConnell

The Path of the Child (2) (3) officialCHAPTER ONE

The little baby girl cried in her cradle. On
and on and on… No one came. In her mind,
and in her heart, a sadness began to form.
There was no one coming forth to prove to
this little lost-child that there was the whole
world out there that wanted her. As she
grew, the sadness continued to grow and no
one showed any interest in her at all.

This innocent baby, with the golden hair and
bright blue eyes, was given the name of
Melanie. Once she had been given her
name, it seemed as if no one felt the need to
do anything else for her. There was the
mother that would occasionally fill a milk
bottle. Although grimy and coated with
dried milk left over from the last few
dried milk left over from the last few
feedings. A mother who would toss the
bottle into the crib for her. A bottle that was
not soothing, just filling.

As if by a miracle, the baby grew.
Learning early on, how to survive. Perhaps
out of retaliation against her mother that
lavished no attention on her. Perhaps her
actual survival would be so, that in the
future, she might find a voice to bring
attention to the level of neglect that had
fallen upon her since birth.

Melanie taught herself to stand while
trying to escape the cage that her mother
called a bed. A short time later, using the
same reasoning, she taught herself to walk,
in an attempt to escape. To be free of this
neglectful place that people might
mistakenly call her home.

Melanie’s good fortune heightened when
one of the neighbors noticed that she was
left alone and called in the authorities. At
this point a Social Services caseworker was
called in to assess the situation – with her
mother assuring the concerned government
employee it is just a mistake; someone else’s
fault. This time, she alleged that a babysitter
caused all this for Melanie’s poor
unfortunate mother. Both mother and child
knew that the babysitter never existed; this
person created in her mother’s mind as the
perfect nameless scapegoat.

The caseworker listened intently to her
story and left after speeches were given, a
series of instructional classes were
scheduled, directions, forcing her mother to
feed her on a regular basis, and the mandate
to find a daycare for her during the day
were insisted upon.

Melanie almost innately knew just how
shallow these meaningless gestures were.
With no other family, there were no family
members, no friends to intervene on her
behalf. There were no Christmas festivities,
no birthday celebration, and no
Thanksgiving dinner. After all, there was
nothing or no one to be thankful for.

Melanie survived against all odds. Once
she turned five, the state demanded that she
must be given an education. The state, just
as the neighbors, those three years before,
provided a gift of freedom to Melanie.

Melanie’s mother received instructions to
provide clothing for her. Clothing that fit
and looked nice for school. She gave her a
small sack of school supplies, even had to
take her by the hand and walk her into a
new building. This was one of the few times
the child had left the house except to go to
the Episcopal daycare down the street from
their apartment. Her excitement knew no
bounds. She felt the flapping butterflies in
her stomach when she woke up and realized
she was free at last – finally, escaping.

Once Melanie began to read, write, count,
and add, her world no longer stopped at the
end of the long shabby living room with the
big door that she rarely passed through.
Provided the tools to make a life out of the
corruption, the ugliness that she had always
known, she soared. Never with
companionship and never with words,
mentally she soared.

Melanie, a shy girl. A girl that reads each
book that appeals to her in the school
library. Leaving her to crave more. She read
romances, history, biographies and the
classics. She read everything she could,
soaking up knowledge like a sponge. She
raced through each grade making the honor
roll. Yet having no one that truly cared
outside the school walls. With
her habit of spending each lonely night
studying subjects that were not on her
schedule in school, she propelled herself
through her classes easily.

Friday, her favorite day at school. Because
she spent the hour after lunch, scanning and
choosing library books that helped her excel
through her current grade level. These
books would open her mind to new
questions, as well as teach her about life’s
many mysteries.

There are some people that make it
through their entire school career without
anyone ever noticing their presence. This
seemed to be the fate that Melanie was
destined to have. No one took notice of the
child that had no parents come to the
parent-teacher night. No parent offering to
help with parties or field trips. No parent
answering the phone when the school called.
No one responding when the principal
needed to know if the parent had forgotte n
to sign the permission slip. Without a
permission slip, Melanie would be unable to
attend the Birmingham Symphony
Orchestra’s yearly Matinee performance of
the Nutcracker.

Melanie sat in the office and read a book
the office staff allowed her to check out of
the library. She diligently read, while her
class went on field trips and to special events
without her. Should any of the other
students or the chaperone noticed her, they
would have realized she studied what the
other children were learning in person on
each missed field trip.

The day of the field trip to Helen Keller’s
home, Ivy Green, in Tuscumbia, she
read The Biography of Helen Keller and
gained extensive knowledge of the amazing
woman’s life. All the while never leaving the
little spot in the office. Alone for six hours,
she read about the teacher and the student.
She learned about how Helen and her
teacher, Anne Sullivan, surpassed all
expectations in both their lives and achieved
miraculous heights, simply by believing
they could do so.

The day of the orchestra trip, Melanie
checked out the book on The Nutcracker and
learned about the Mouse King. She lost
herself in the rich storyline of this German
Christmas Eve, adventure. Life was only
worth living while she read. As she
matured, she continued to learn more and
more about the world through pictures and
the written word.


One morning, as she walked to her school,
just as she did on every other school day for
the last eleven years, she was surprised.
Today became different when a car pulled
up alongside. Completely unaware of it
until she heard a voice call out. She
recognized the voice as belonging to a boy
from school, surprised when she heard him
calling her name.

“Melanie! Hey, Melanie, you wanna

Her head jerked up in spite of herself. She
bent over and glanced into the car, surprised
that he remembered her name, much less
would have stopped to offer her a ride.

Blushing, she stammered, “Well, um, well.
“She turned around and checked behind her
back. She swallowed, hoping that her voice
didn’t squeak. “Me? Are you talking to
me?” Her feet were shuffling, starting, and
stopping in confusion as she waited to
confirm he meant her. Trying to decide if he
intended to poke fun at her.

Should she accept? The thoughts whirled
through her brain as she wasn’t sure if she
should acknowledge she even knew this boy
from class. Nevertheless, the thoughts of the
potential ride made her giddy, how
glorious. The racing thoughts kept coming
full circle to the fact that he wanted to let her
ride with him. She wanted to accept the
ride. She wanted someone to know she
existed and now someone did!

She called out, “Yes, I’d love one.”
She surprised herself by saying it, yet, it
had been spoken and he had heard her. Too
late to turn back now. She pondered her
next move walked over to the car and
smiled a genuine, yet shy smile at Robert –
the boy leaning over watching her out the

“Hop in, “he called, as he pushed the
door open from the driver’s seat while
rolling up the windows, with his left hand
on the electric window button.

Melanie sat
down carefully and stayed close to the door
which was her custom when she rode in a
car – never trusting that she would complete
the entire trip without having to jump out
and walk. She had been informed by her
mother, “You are antagonistic to the driver;”
on trips to her Pediatrician when she was
younger, she had been told, “Out! Walk
home!” on several occasions. She did not
enjoy remembering the walks home in the
downtown streets. It left her cold.
“Thank you, Robert, “Melanie truly
appreciated the ride.

“Hey, no problem. I pass this way every
day and we could ride together if you want.
No one should walk nowadays.”

Robert seemed to not realize that she had
been told all of her life that she “wasn’t
worth the effort” he was expending. Maybe
he didn’t know that she had been rejected,
loathed, and reviled by her own mother.

Tempted to ask why he bothered to stop for
her and offered her a ride; nonetheless, she
decided not to question his motives and
accept his friendly manner at face value.

“I enjoy walking, I’m completely
accustomed to it. “Melanie tried to sound
sincere, when deep down, she relished the
ride he provided. She watched her familiar
route to their school whizzing past. It sure
made her trip to school quick and easy.

Robert snickered. “You can’t be turning
down a chance to carpool. Shall I tell you
the ecological and environmental reasons we
should carpool? You would be helping me
and the environment out, Mel! Hey, you
mind if I call you Mel?”


Available on Amazon in Ebook and Paperback.

The Path of the Child is Live!

Today the Kindle book I have been diligently working on, The Path of the Child, is finally complete and available on Amazon. The paperback is also available through CreateSpace , Barnes & Noble, and on Amazon.

I am excited for this new phase of being an author. Having a book and cover, new and improved, with tons of new content, has made me so happy. The only thing that would make me happier, would be for  people to find and love the book and maybe take a few minutes to post a review. Reviews make or break a book.  I want honest reviews, it is honest reviews that help me become a better writer.

I would love for you to take a look at the book. The story is sweet and I hope you will love Melanie, Robert, and the entire crew.  This book was a labor of love the first time and a joy to rewrite and reissue this time around.   The story takes place in Birmingham, Alabama, and is about a young lady’s search for happiness, information, and family.  It is fiction, and basically a coming of age story. The readers have typically been adults with a few teens reading because their Grandmother wrote it.  I can say one of my grandchildren fell in love with Robert while reading the book.  I had a difficult time choosing a genre, as I see it as purely a work of  fiction.  I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this book.

Updating  information :

If you have previously purchased the Kindle edition, just go into your Amazon account, locate Kindle options and  Manage my Device and scroll through your purchased Kindle titles. At The Path of the Child, there will be an update button. Click that and you will have the new updated version.  All the new content and the beautiful new cover art.

I hope you will take an opportunity to read this book and let me know what you think. I am over the moon excited and hope your day is as exciting, fun and joyous as mine.

The Path of the Child (2) (3) official

Seventeen-year-old Melanie Easton lives in a loveless home with her negligent, self-absorbed, and potentially dangerous mother. Consequently, she knows loneliness. Living in self-imposed anonymity, Melanie struggles to survive without becoming bitter and hate filled. Unexpectedly offered a ride with a classmate, Robert Reynolds, Melanie finds there is more to people than she ever imagined.

After being befriended by Robert Reynolds, windows of opportunity open for Melanie. Accordingly, the road to discovery divulges there may be reasons for her strange home life. The reasons she never imagined until she begins unraveling the documents hidden away.

Out of the discovery of the secrets, lies, and deceptions, come the possibility for exciting changes. Perhaps along with the answers, comes the opportunity for genuine happiness.

A suspenseful story that will engage your heart and mind with hopefulness and admiration for Melanie’s courage and willingness for self-discovery and personal growth.

If you are a reviewer and are interested in reviewing the new edition, send me an email at and I will provide a book for an honest review. You don’t have to like it, love it, or feel indifferent, I would just love to see your review on Amazon and perhaps Goodreads.


With love and gratitude, Vicki and Sojourner both thank you!


Cover Reveal: The Path of the Child 8-05-16 release

Friday, August 5, 2016, marks the date of the reissue of The Path of the Child. With that release comes new content, new chapters, and a new cover. Today I am sharing the new cover. It has been tweaked by several people. I can’t thank them enough. T.Turner and I discussed my concept for the book and he took that idea and ran. Providing me with the image that I hope you love, as much as I do. I added the perfect fonts and my dream cover is complete.  Without further Adu here is the new cover.

The Path of the Child (2) (3) official

I hope you love it as much as I do.  I am a bundle of happy nervous energy. I hope you don’t mind me sharing each step with you.  ❤  Love being able to share this process.


Recap for the Month of July

Upon awaking this morning, a bit surprised at how fast July had gone, and how much I  got accomplished.  Deciding to  participate in Camp NanoWriMo, I made a quick goal list. I love Camp Nano more every time I participate. It spurs me into action and allows me to challenge myself.
Decided on some simple projects for the month of July , rewrite and edit The Path of the Child, begin The Path to the Past and hopefully tweak The Shepherds of Donaldson Park.  Hoping that  I could dredge up 50,000 words in 30 days. Happily able to surpass my goal, and  validating on the 22nd.

For my efforts, I received a groovy certificate and this new badge of honor. ~~> CNW_Winner_200

Don’t y’all just love it when a plan comes together?

This is a graph of July’s writing, editing, and rewriting. The grand total for the month ~~>  89,029.

Can anyone else tell when the hyperactivity and hyper focus kicked in?  Looking at this, it would be even more colorful and funky, if it were able to account for all the deleted words and the revision of the revision. But let’s not count every step. 🙂

Speaking of counting every step, have you ever had an efficiency expert come to the workplace in order to document negative patterns and teach the employees  to be more efficient? Back in 1985,  the bank had just such an expert come into the office and she literally counted our steps from the vault to the copy machine. That might have been thirty years ago, but I believe she taught me a love of graphs and charts.  That was even before Excel made it so attractive and color coded.

July total

The number of book reviews completed ~~> 25. Looking back, it seems as if  the majority of the books read last month earned a high rating. Even reading my first horror and finding it not as scary as I feared. When in the zone writing, I failed to read on a daily basis. Nevertheless, now that there will be fewer irons in the fire, it will get back to normal.

Except, there is  this little deadline staring me in the face concerning Friday, August 5, 2016. This is not the time to lose the hyper focus.

Let me know how your July fared! I am curious. Have fun in August, I know I will, I already have my itinerary and production plan  and  written down  for the month. That’s a completely different chart.midis_crazy1


Book Blurb for Revised Edition of The Path of the Child by Sojourner McConnell

Seventeen-year-old Melanie Easton lives in a loveless home with her negligent, self-absorbed, and potentially dangerous mother. Consequently, she knows loneliness. Living in self-imposed anonymity, Melanie struggles to survive without becoming bitter and hate filled. Unexpectedly offered a ride with a classmate, Robert Reynolds, Melanie finds there is more to people than she ever imagined.

After being befriended by Robert Reynolds, windows of opportunity open for Melanie. Accordingly, the road to discovery divulges there may be reasons for her strange home life. The reasons she never imagined until she begins unraveling the documents hidden away.

Out of the discovery of the secrets, lies, and deceptions, come the possibility for exciting changes. Perhaps along with the answers, comes the opportunity for genuine happiness.

A suspenseful story that will engage your heart and mind with hopefulness and admiration for Melanie’s courage and willingness for self-discovery and personal growth.

Refrain from getting so excited by this new blurb that you attempt to run out and purchase the book today. There is almost a week before the reissue occurs.  If you purchase the book today, unfortunately, it will contain those annoying errors that I have been working diligently  to correct. In addition, the revised book accommodated my rewriting tendency. Consequentially, the new version has almost seven thousand new words spaced out over four new chapters. Nonetheless, I swear it was harder writing a blurb that  didn’t curl my lip, than writing the first chapter of the book.

That being said, I would love your input on this blurb. Did the blurb attract your attention? Did it provoke interest in the topic?  Did the blurb provide encouragement to  purchase and read the book?   Does it turn you off the book?

Resist buying today, however, don’t resist or hesitate  to comment. We all have opinions, I actually embrace hearing yours.  Please let me know what you think.

Coming up with a book blurb that works is more difficult than it appears. This is the official blurb as of today.  Thinking about today reminds me of what Scarlett O’Hara is known to say:

 “After all, tomorrow is another day!”  Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind.

As I complete the final details, I wanted to share the (hopefully improved) book blurb. I decided to show it today providing  time to  receive feedback.

Humble request:

As always, please be honest and forthcoming. A candid and honest opinion would be so appreciated.

On a side note:

If you are interested in providing a review for the reprint, it would thrill me to provide a copy in exchange for that honest review on Amazon, Goodreads, especially on your own blog.

Obviously, I am going with subtlety at this point.


 Comment below:

Thank you in advance!