The Respect Award!


What did I find when I first came onto my blog this morning?  A notification that the sweet and sunshiny Brooke over at the I was so touched that she would nominate me for such a really amazing award. If you have not been to her blog, then you are missing out. She sends out the most wonderful sunrises that make my day so happy once I see them.  She also shares amazing quotes and sayings that lift my spirits. Brooke is a life coach and a psychologist and I feel better just having known her. 

The Rules:-

Place the award on your blog

Thank the person who nominated you

Answer the three questions

Nominate three blogger

What does respect mean to you ?

Respect means that you have presented yourself in a manner that leads others to trust you and appreciate your position on this planet.  To respect someone means that they have value and they are known to be a good person that will not intentionally hurt anyone.  I respect people that I know are not mean spirited and have only good intentions.

Who do you respect the most?

 I respect the leaders of the Nation, the community, the teachers and academics. I also respect pastors of all faiths and worshippers of all faiths. I respect the people that go to war to protect the rights and freedoms and safety of others. I respect people that have knowledge on subjects that I do not know about.  I respect intelligent, thoughtful, hardworking, and kind people.

What do I respect the most about myself ?

I suppose I respect the fact that I raised three very kind, considerate, law abiding children that have grown to be loving parents through my example.  I respect myself for being a good example of a loving, kind, and intelligent woman.

My three nominees are:




You do not have to accept this award of course, but it would be so great if you did. Then you can pass along respect to our fellow bloggers. I am sure you can share this with three other bloggers that you believe deserve respect.  I hope that they will take great pleasure in receiving and passing it on.

Thank you.