Book Review: A Secret Parcel

A Secret ParcelA Secret Parcel by Serenity Woods
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was the final book in the Three Kings series. It is hard to choose a favorite brother. These guys are so sweet gentle loving and kind. Oh yeah, they are super polite too. In this final book you get to see some loose ends tied up about Brock and Charlie. Matt King is an amazing guy. He has been watching the manager, Georgia, since her hiring almost a year earlier. He has actively asked her out weekly since meeting her. She just as regularly has turned him down. It is almost like a running joke with them.

Matt is an artist and writes children’s books about characters he created. These characters are important in the other two brother’s careers as well. He has never been known to have serious relationships with women before so Georgia is a little leery of him.

Matt has a very sweet proposition for Georgia and convinces her to think about the idea. He knows little of her history and certainly has questions as to why she is a single parent to eleven year old Noah.

Georgia is reluctant to talk to anyone about her marriage and Matt is no exception. Noah sheds a little light on the subject during a conversation with Matt, but gives no details.

This book was a pleasure to read. It feels like I know the King brothers so well and I like them all. I was happy to be able to read this book and love Serenity Wood’s writing style. She is able to bring the personality to light in a way that is interesting and enjoyable. All three brothers have a great personality.
I loved reading about Christmas in New Zealand.

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