Book Review: Love Me Sweet by Tracy Brogan

Love Me Sweet (Bell Harbor, #3)Love Me Sweet by Tracy Brogan
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Delaney Masterson is part of a reality TV family. Her parents are famous and so everyone wants to know how they live their day to day life. Delaney’s ex from about 6 years back decides to release a sex tape that she never new existed.

Running from the press that has hounded her and accused her of releasing the tape herself for publicity. She ends up in Bell Harbor Michigan. Not only that but, she ends up in this northern town right as the polar vortex decided to rear it’s freezing head.

Renting a house to hide for the next little while she pays in cash to the landlady in order to keep her identity a secret. Signing her name on the rental agreement, it is misread as Elaine Masters, so she runs with it. It will be easy for her to use that name while hiding away. From this point she introduces herself with this name.

Grant Connelly has problems on the set of his own reality show and decides it is time to head back home. His brother is getting married and he feels it is time to go back to Michigan. Back to the house his Grandfather left him upon his death.

Grant and Delaney meet and find themselves thrown together by circumstances beyond their control. They decide to share the house in question for a while until they can sort out the details as to who belongs where.

With twists and turns that involve Delaney’s money being stolen and Grant’s mother going missing they set out for the south to intercept the money. Each time Grant asks questions, Delaney lies to keep him from finding out who she really is. She does not want to tell him about her family and her sex tape since he does not recognize her.

While driving in the snow they have an accident that sets them up to meet some very colorful characters. They continue to head south while the snow continues to fall. The polar vortex is dipping south bringing so much snow that travel is increasingly dangerous.

Spending time together while traveling means that Delaney thinks about coming clean to Grant and telling him the truth about her identity. She keeps letting little hiccups stop her from confessing. Arriving in Memphis, the couple has an opportunity to get to know one another even better while in a Elvis styled hotel. Their traveling companions bring so much comedy to the mix that the entire trip is a funny adventure.

The tension Delaney feels becomes palpable as they search for the missing money. With her lies and half truths she keeps delaying telling him who she is and fears his inevitable discovery.

This is a funny, interesting and exciting book. The characters are really fun and well developed. There is not a dull character in the book. Tracy Brogan really does bring characters and dialog to life.

I won this book and I am so glad that I did! It was an awesome book! There is so much more to this book that you just have to read to believe. It is hilarious!

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