An Hour with Vicki and Sojourner McConnell. Fun with Yvonne Mason

I was so honored to be asked by Yvonne Mason to be on her online radio program. She is a mystery/thriller writer in her own right, and I was excited to say yes.  I am starting her book The Mad Hatter this evening and I can’t wait.

The hour-long event was so fun. Once I put my nerves aside. I am not the most outgoing person, but I am in line for the most talkative award.  The interview was about my writing as Sojourner McConnell and I was able to share the story behind The Path of the Child. I was also able to discuss Mystery Thriller Week and my WIPs .

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Interview with David Snape Online Radio for The Path of the Child

This is all a new concept for me. To be allowed to speak about a book that I worked on so hard and labored to bring it to a satisfactory conclusion, amazing to say the least.  David Snape is a Blogger and hosts a radio show on Mixcloud. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by him. He asks very complex and in-depth questions.  I hope I do not sound too nervous in the interview. I am basically a shy and socially awkward. This was my attempt to be a better author by promoting my book. David has music and interviews along with interesting blog posts and little-known news. His show runs about two hours. Some great music is included as well as an interview with a young man with Autism that blogs and writes weekly stories.

My interview starts at about 1:25 into the show if you have an interesting in just how southern I might sound. As I said, he asked some deep questions and you can hear me thinking of my answers. Hopefully, you can gain an insight on the book. You guys were mentioned and if you wonder how I feel about you, take a listen.  If you like music, interesting topics, and interviews, then listen to the entire show! One song after the interview, he gives a review of the book, at about 1:48.  Hope you take a listen, it was more fun than I  imagined. Can’t shake that accent, it is here for life.  Perhaps now, it is not too far-fetched to  consider doing a book signing. Links to the book are shown below.


The Path of the Child (2) (3) official
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble



A Wandering Mind Allows For Other Activities

Over the weekend I have written 9000 words in my goal of 30,000 in Camp NaNoWriMo. For just four days in, I feel that is a pretty good start.

Hello Monday!

This morning, after addressing the dogs pressing needs, I cranked up the computer and pulled up the project’s document. I have decided to change the tense to present instead of past, so off I go making those changes on the 50 pages I have written so far. It is going along swimmingly. In the first few hours I am on page twelve and I have added in 647 new words to the story. I like it,I feel confident. I am pleased with my efforts.


Sure this is typical behavior for me. I keep going back to the beginning quite often making small, and occasionally some pretty large changes. I do not call it editing, I call it perfecting the character. That makes me feel better about it anyway. Obsessive is such a labeling term.

This morning while making changes, correcting the tenses and looking at the pictures I have bookmarked for inspiration,  I decided that it would be simpler to have everything in one secure location. Yes, plan two for the day. I mean, how long can this take?

Meanwhile over at the real estate website,  I attempted to copy the picture of the house I felt inspired to let Rachel live in. The Webmasters have made it where one picture is not available without saving an entire website. I don’t have time for that!

Instead, I found a creative way to save that picture. It did indeed involve a screen print, an email and a photo editor. I am not on a strict a schedule here, Am I?

I had this rogue thought, it is, after all 8:15 am. My moring is getting away from me,  I must address it in an aggressive manner. After I get that picture saved on my hard drive, I realize, this is Pinterest worthy!


With nothing but time on my hands and a deadline of 27 days. Pshh, I’ve got time!

Pulling up Pinterest, I start adding in the photos that I had saved of my inspirations. Oh yes,  I am feeling very clever now. Pinterest! Vicki,  you are a genius! I am basking in my own cleverness. I need another smug cat picture in this location.

What a wonderful rogue thought this has turned out to be. At this point  my Pinterest account now has one additional board and inspirational bits and pieces to build the complete picture of Rachel Payton’s life.

Oh yeah, my rewriting and word count are looming ahead of me. Oh no!

Is it already noon?

Deadline! deadline!  That one simple word keeps bouncing around in my brain.

What would any logical self-respecting person do?  Why, write a new blog post,  of course.