Tailored Murder at 221B Baker Street

Sherlock raps firmly on the door, Watson ambles up the walkway behind. As the door squeaks open the light from the street lamp reveals a small bald man holding the front of his wrapper closed.

“Hallo? I say, Who’s there? What do you want at this time of night?” The cacophony of words convey nervousness to Sherlock’s ear and he curls his lip.

“Jeeves, right? We need a word with you, concerning Mack and Bob. It is of utmost importance and must be done now. I’m Holmes and this is Watson.  Let us in, man.”

The door widens and Holmes and Watson step inside the dim entryway. Jeeves looks nervously from one man to the other.

“What about Mack? I don’t know much about his business dealings with Bob. Is that what this is about? Is this about his wanting to marry Marla?”

Watson smiles as the man vomits information at their feet. Peering from face to face Jeeves continues to belch out secrets.

“If Charles Caldwell Chastain III has a problem with Mack marrying his sister, he needs to take it up with Mack. Not sure how he found out, Mack insisted that we tell no one about the marriage.” His bald head shining with perspiration, he continues to speak in a rush.

“Believe me, Chastain better hurry if he wants to talk to him before Mack takes over. Once he owns Chastain’s Tailoring, he’s promised to pay off his gambling debt to Bob’s Better Bets. Bob’s not waiting much longer, least that’s what I heard.”

“How’s Mack planning on taking over?”

Jeeves shrugs, “not sure about that.” Laughing he continued, “or who’s in more trouble, Mack or Chastain, unless it’s Marla.”

Watson grimaced. “I’d say Chastain wins, hands down.”

Sherlock nods once to Jeeves. “Right, let’s go, Watson.”


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