The Aussies

Meet Beau and Arrow.  They are Australian Shepherds and they have had quite the life. They were born in 2007 in a rural area of Arizona close to Prescott. I was sent a picture of the litter the day they were born and I immediately chose Arrow. The little red-Tri. She had an arrow shaped white patch on her neck and I fell in love.  When I was approved to get Arrow at 7 weeks of age, They agreed to call her Arrow so that she would know her name. They had already been calling her that in just the few hours after her birth. It was like it was meant to be.

In every updated picture for the next six weeks Arrow was next to a little Black-Tri they had named Max. I did not think he looked like a Max, so I spent all day, while I was supposed to be working, thinking of the perfect name for him.  At the end of the day someone said what about Bow and arrow. I was thinking, yeah that is cute, but. Bow? Really? Then it came to me. I am a southern girl and what is more southern than Beau. So he became Beau and they were officially Beau and Arrow.


Arrow and gunBeau and Arrow armed

Yes, Those are guns.  These are very protective dogs. On afternoon the kids started pointing the guns and the dogs. They did not like it.  So they snatched the guns from the children and claimed them as their own.  Now they carry the guns around with them and drop them on their feet while they relax.

Arrow in PhoenixB and A

These four pictures were taken in Phoenix, Arizona. They lived there for the first 3 years of their life and they loved it there. Except in the summer. They were so hot with their thick fur and the 118 degree days. They had a pet kitten and she loved them and would sleep on them all the tiem. Beau enjoyed the kitten giving him a bath on his snout.

Beau and kittyHappy B and A

They then moved to Kentucky where they have been able to enjoy Springtime weather and snowy winters. They do love being here in Kentucky now. They even enjoyed the car trip from Arizona to Kentucky.  A trip that took several days and included them howling in hotel rooms and almost getting us removed from said rooms.

While in Kentucky they have learned to be groomed and their hair cut because we live with people that have terrible allergies.  You can see by the picture where they have not been clipped, they have plenty of hair to share with the allergy sufferers.

Beau and Arrow after haircutBeau and the pumpkin

I can explain the pictures of the little bitty toys in and around Beau’s mouth. As best I can tell, he is a crow, at least part crow. He gathers up tiny items he find around the house, on tabletops and in toy boxes and claims them for himself. This is a small sampling of his finds. He has collected bobbins, rubber balls, an EOS lip balm, petshop animlas. Well you get the picture.

Beau and the toy armCamera shy Beau



Next is the goofy girl picture of Arrow. That is one of her favorite positions, and she does look right into your eyes as she twists around upside down. It is hard not to laugh at her. Then I offer one picture of me and my much loved Aussies.  Enjoying the snow and enjoying life.

upside down arrowThe Pups and I

Hope you enjoyed meeting the guys.


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