Greyhound Horror Story

I rarely bash anyone. I usually am pretty even minded about what I write so that no one feels like I have negative feelings about their service, but this last bus trip from Michigan was a trainwreck of no show drivers and disabled buses.

After an uneventful and very pleasant ride from Kentucky to Michigan I spent two fabulous weeks visiting my family.  The fun was contagious and so was the little cold germ that followed me home.

Saturday morning at 4 AM I arrive at the bus station in Escanaba only to hear, “The bus broke down and will not run today.  Come back tomorrow same time.”

After I assure the station master this is not possible he says we can put you on a bus to Detroit and you can pick up another bus there.  It sounds like a plan as Detroit is only 6 hours from home.

The buses of Indian Trails are nice and comfy, with WIFI and huge windows. All I needed for a comfortable trip down to the lower Peninsula of Michigan.  Crossing the Mackinaw Bride was an experience seeing the frozen Lake Michigan, completely iced over.  I broadcast the crossing live on Facebook.  It was a pleasant trip and I was enjoying myself. Everything changed in Detroit however.

I arrived in Detroit at 3: PM and immediately was given a ticket to Kentucky boarding at 10:30 PM. I could do the seven-hour layover.  I had no problems with that. So I found a totally uncomfortable section of chairs and sat, stood and sat again, paced, drank my soda and continued to sit for seven hours. There were other buses coming and going and people watching is pretty fun.

With one episode of a masher hitting on me ( read more about that tomorrow) and a fun hour-long conversation with a true friend to soothe my ruffled feathers, I was once again waiting for ten thirty.  The designated time comes and goes and nothing is spoken over the PA about the loading of the bus.

Eleven o’clock rolls around and they announce. “The bus to Cincinnati has been canceled come to the information booth to reschedule or get your refund.”


Did I hear that correctly?  I must have because in one moment the line formed at the information desk and I scrambled to get my place in it.  Fifteen minutes later I reach the front of the line and am told I can get a refund of the remaining portion of my trip or the can get me on a noon tomorrow bus. I decided I have no way home so I agree with the ticket home option. The ticket prints and I go back to my spot in the waiting area. There is nowhere else to go. I will spend the night in the station it seems along with my other trapped travelers.

I begin to look at my ticket and it dawns on me that I have another filled day of travel ahead of me tomorrow to make it the 300 miles home.  There is a four-hour layover in Dayton Ohio and then another six-hour delay in Cincinnati. I am getting later and later on my arrival home. From the scheduled 6:30 am arrival I was now looking at 11:00 PM.

I called in the cavalry. I called my daughter and told her what was going on. She called me back within the hour and said, we’re coming to get you.  Angie to the rescue!

For the next six hours, I spent with my fellow travelers. All four others that shared the lobby of the Detroit bus Terminal that cold night.  With the security guard watching over us we laughed, chatted, and got to know one another. All in all that part was great.


Almost six hours later my ride arrived. Kristian and Angie galloped in and swooped me up where we went to an old fashioned diner and had the best buttermilk pancakes ever. It was quite the night and quite the trip home. It was a fun trip home all in all. Even with the bad service from Greyhound.  Even with my annoyance, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice everyone was while rescheduling and protecting us. Everyone I met was nice, I was just disappointed with the outcome.

My fellow travelers made it to their destinations a little late and a lot tired, but they made it home. One of the travelers had his morning rescheduled bus cancel yet again. He was 24 hours later getting home to Georgia.

All that was missing was the zombies in this Greyhound horror story.  They seemed to have called in like the drivers. I think it is time for a Greyhound Job Fair.


Imagine the Fear in Pakistan

Kashmir, beautiful mountains, valleys, and loving people are being threatened by India and war is potentially looming. Why does a simple area have such a volatile situation happening to it? Greed, India wants the fertile lands for its self and Pakistan wants to keep this area as part of their country. There is no reason for this war to take place. India needs to go back into its own country and leave this area alone. There has been a struggle over this area since 1947 and now it is escalating again.

There are jets flying over and dropping bombs to frighten the people into surrendering the  region. It is a terrible horrifying situation. What’s to stop them from attacking other border cities. The fear is real. Pay attention to the news this less often mentioned struggle is brewing and should be watched closely.

Yesterday two jets were shot down over the area and Pakistan closed its air space to keep marauding Indians from attacking again. The pilots in one plane died in the crash and one other pilot was captured alive while the fourth was taken to a hospital for care. The region of Kashmir should not have to cower in fear from jets flying overhead potentially to drop bombs on the citizens.  Not to mention the mortars being shot over the country lines to keep the Kashmir citizens afraid.

I am sure that the people in Pakistan feel the same fear we did on 9/11 when the skies became an instrument of terror.  My heart breaks for these innocent people as war creeps closer and closer to them through no fault of their own. Remember these people in your thoughts and prayers. They have to fear for the lives of their children.


After packing, Comes the Second Guessing

I leave for a two-week vacation tomorrow night. I have my bags packed and now I begin the process of did I remember to pack. Continue reading “After packing, Comes the Second Guessing”

The Four AM Renegade

I’ve noticed at four am every morning I am woken up by the eleven-year-old. He is desperate enough to make noises until I creep awake from sleep.  Tapping his toes on the hardwood floor, I have no recourse but lead him to the bathroom. There is where it all goes wrong.

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Unscripted by Christy Pastore on sale for .99!

This is your next binge-read! Are you ready to be seduced by Ronan Connolly? The time is NOW! Unscripted by Christy Pastore is ONLY 99 cents!! This highly sensual & emotionally charged contemporary romance read is ready for you to devour.

Don’t miss your chance to meet Ronan Connolly, the wickedly naughty, yet swoony Irish hero and Holliday Prescott the beautiful, bold, strong, sexy, and humorous – an explosive combination! Continue reading “Unscripted by Christy Pastore on sale for .99!”

Mark Your Calendars March 23, 2019

Lexington Legendary Book Bash is coming to Kentucky and I will be there selling all four of my books. I am so excited, I have been picking up swag,  cards, and plenty of books for the event.

Come meet Dolcey the fairy that is the alleviator to boys and girls all over the world. She and her mother Quince help children find the answer to their problems one child at a time.


Meet Michael from When a Pachyderm Comes to Visit. This little boy had a dream. His dream was ridiculed at school and Dolcey helped him find out you can be what you want and be successful at it.


Find out about Tela, the girl with a really bad attitude in Pup in Training.  Dolcey and her mom lead to discovering that life is not what you have and don’t care about, it’s the small important things in life that give it meaning.

A Front

Get to know Emily, the little girl that faced a life-changing problem in Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas?. Dolcey helped her see that life is full of unexpected adventures in this award-winning story.


I’ll have copies of The Path of the Child for sale, which tells of Melanie’s search for answers as to how her life has been so unfortunate and alone. Meet all the strangers that begin to fill the void in her life as soon as they enter it.

The Path of the child new cover

Pro tip: The Path of the Child is available on Kindle Unlimited for a limited time.

I’ll also have a few copies of the anthology from 2017.

Make plans to join us we expect a nice turnout and while you are in Lexington for the Comicon, drop over to 245 Lexington Green Circle Lexington Ky. 10: 00 AM to 4:00 PM.

5 Star Review For Pup in Training

Pup in Training received a five-star review from Prairies Book Reviews today and what a wonderful feeling that was. I am adding it to the editorial review on Amazon.

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Review: A Peculiar School by J. Schlenker



A Peculiar School 

J. Schlenker (Goodreads Author)



Vicki Turner Goodwin‘s review

Feb 09, 2019


It was an amazing read. 


This is the most curious tale of animals written in their own voice that I have read. I enjoyed meeting Owen, Theodore, luce, and Ethel as well as all the other carefully woven characters. The writing is crisp and thought-provoking. With characters that range from earthy to genius, each is well examined by Schlenker.
J has a way of creating an entire world for her animals that is both real and fantastic. I wanted to know more about these guys. An excellent read with heart and intelligence.
Find A Peculiar School here:

Mania How it Works and How you can Work With it

Mania sounds simple enough. I mean how many of us heard our mother telling us not to run around like a maniac. I know mine did. Little did she know, that one day she would find out I truly struggled with Mania.  Does that make me a maniac? I hope not, but it probably does. Continue reading “Mania How it Works and How you can Work With it”