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Mystery Thriller Week

Welcome to this lesson of David Kummer’s writing course. That’s me, by the way. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, success stories, or just something fun to say, email me at davidkummer7@gmail.com. I’d love to talk about anything and everything, especially if that everything has to do with books, basketball, or Chinese food. I am a teenager, after all. So that’s that! Head on down and read what might be the best writing course of your life, but also might be the worst 😉 You won’t know until you try!

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Full Disclosure and Backstory of The Path of the Child

In some ways, it was the beginning of the end, in other ways it was simply a beginning. In 2010, I began to get ill.  Not the kind you pick up an antibiotic for, it was a dark and frightening illness that was once again rearing its ugly head.

While I was lost in my own world and listening to music on my headset I found a post about NanoWriMo and I was interested in this odd sounding event. I read more about the prospect of writing a book in 30 days. I signed up, I felt something for the first time in months, a bit of excitement, a little fire. It felt good. I wanted to feel more so I continued reading all the guidelines and the supporting articles.

On November 1, 2010, I sat down at the computer right about 4 am and began to write. The words flowed and suddenly I could see a story building. I saw the child, Melanie as she grew. I saw her in school caught in a web of neglect and loneliness that produced an intense shyness. I saw my girl. I told her story as she whispered to me well into the night. Melanie whispered day after day and her story unfolded beneath my fingertips. I was feeling alive and worthwhile. Her story had substance, her story needed to be told. It gave me a mission through that dark November.

As the days progressed another stronger voice began to share her side of Melanie’s story. Rachel came in like a hurricane. She put order and substance in place and took the story from sad to hopeful and gave wings to the future of Melanie.

Rob also came to life, he brought a gentlemanly order to the story. He was insightful and he handled Melanie in a way that comforted her and made her brave. With his gentle strength, she gained her own strength. He saw her stilted way of speaking as charming, he found her book references invigorating as he struggled to know from which book she was quoting.

The last few days of November, I spent polishing my ideas. Wondering how anyone other than me would feel about reading this skewed story about a girl and her mother. Would readers find the story as positive as I did? Would they get trapped in the sadness of the first chapter? I let my son-in-law read the book and tell me his honest opinion. He encouraged me to continue polishing it, edit it, and share it. It took a while, but I did it. I shared it in 2012. I was still sick, in fact, I was sicker than I had been in 2010.

Funny how not treating an illness makes it linger. I reached out for help in 2013 and I began my climb back to the light. It felt as if I had climbed into a bucket and was being drawn from a well. I could finally see the light coming closer and closer. This process of being lifted out of the deep well has taken almost four years. I reread the book in 2015 and made some changes. I added to the bones and finally, I was happy. I sent it to edit again and republished it in 2016.


The Path of the child new cover
New cover designed by J. Schlenker


The Path of the Child was a labor of love. It was cathartic and it probably kept me going through a dark period where I had no desire to survive. I am a little connected to the book. No one knew this complete story. No one knows my history other than my family. But to see the story in its full disclosed history, was suddenly important to me today. Here in the Month of May during Mental Health Awareness Month.


Why do I see it as a beginning? It was when I realized there was really something terribly wrong going on inside my head. It was when I uprooted an entire family because I wanted to move. It was the beginning of me being in an area where I could find the help I had needed all my life. It was the beginning of the new me; the improved me.

When you read of Melanie, and her struggles, I hope you realize that if she can move past her problems, then so can you. That is what I gained from it.  If you feel that, then Melanie and my efforts and disclosure are worthwhile.

The Path of the Child is listed as Young Adult because it is written with teenage characters and it has a message I believe teenagers will appreciate. The teens and adults that have read the book, for the most part, found it. They found the message inside, you can move past your own past. That is why I believe that The Path of the Child is a story that is appropriate for all ages.

So what do you do after you write an emotional book that has a message for everyone? You write another one, this time geared for children. Enter 2017 and Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas?


Book Review: New Release: Me and Mister Bo by Dan Nimak Plus a Bonus Announcement

Me and Mister BoMe and Mister Bo by Dan Nimak


  • Paperback: 242 pages
  • Publisher: Rainbug Books (May 17, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1945015179
  • ISBN-13: 978-1945015175

My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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Free review copy on Amazon: They are free for everyone, but aren’t reviews a great reward for the author?

Shannyn Leah has a time travel book out and it is spicy and just a wonderful read.  It is called Winters Rising and it is free today (May 25th) only! I reviewed it and just loved it. I personally love this author’s work. I have read every book she has written and I enjoyed each one.

Pick up your free copy here, and don’t forget to share a review. Having a free copy allows the review to be verified and it jumps to the top of the list. That is the best way we can pay indie authors back for sharing their incredible work.  Reviews can be a simple line or two sharing what made you love or dislike a book. It helps readers find excellent writers like Shannyn. So step out on a new adventure, leave a review on the next book you read.

The book blurb: 


Brea was born a Second, a lowly class of people in the Lexcon society. But she also bore the birthmark that destined her to marry a Gatekeeper, the “superheroes” of their world. Some called her destiny a great privilege. She called it doomed to a cage with no key.Gatekeepers were born and raised to ensure time remained untainted and unchanged, but Brea saw them as overlords who looked down on her kind… on Seconds.

Forced to marry Gatekeeper Jax Winters, Brea vows not to complete the ritual bonding with him until she can talk with council about how Seconds are treated. She plans to use her newfound status to help the plight of those born like her.But she never dreams of the twist her life will take, moving her into a higher position than she’d ever dreamed. 

Will she and Jax always be at odds, or will their hearts bond together as their souls already have? Will Brea change the future of Lexcon, or will she be forever doomed to live life in the dark?

Stand Alone

Have you met Shannyn?  This is your chance, she is a young author that knows how to bring characters to life and make you want to hang out with them. She is a fun woman and a talented writer. Get to know her through this special opportunity.  

Shannyn Leah’s Bio: 

Contemporary romance author Shannyn Leah loves olives, lip gloss and reading (and writing) romance novels. Her love of words started at an early age and soon grew until, during her teenage years, she’d started writing her own novels. When her mom pushed to finally publish some of the stories, she quickly amassed two complete romance series (By The Lake and Caliendo Resort series) and, in 2016, released her first Fantasy Romance entitled The Gatekeepers (Part One of the Winters Rising series).

When she’s not writing contemporary romance books into the early hours of the morning, Shannyn can be found antiquing with her two favorite people, her momma, and sister, in their picturesque London, Ontario hometown.

Shannyn would love to get to know her readers as you get to know her (just don’t send her any carrots!)

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Contemporary romance author Shannyn Leah loves olives, lip gloss and reading (and writing) romance novels. Her love of words started at an early age and soon grew until, during her teenage years, she’d started writing her own novels. When her mom pushed to finally publish some of the stories, she quickly amassed two complete romance series (By The Lake and Caliendo Resort series) and, in 2016, released her first Fantasy Romance entitled The Gatekeepers (Part One of the Winters Rising series).

When she’s not writing contemporary romance books into the early hours of the morning, Shannyn can be found antiquing with her two favorite people, her momma and sister, in their picturesque London, Ontario hometown.

Book Review: New Release: The Mockingbird Drive by A. C. Fuller

The Mockingbird Drive (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 3)The Mockingbird Drive by A.C. Fuller

  • Print Length: 304 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publication Date: May 19, 2017
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English

My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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The Great American Road Trip of 1966, Seeing the Sights in A Ford Wagon

There is nothing like a month long car trip pulling a camper for a seven-year-old girl. My sister and I were invited to take this megatrip with our grandparents and even today, I have stark and vivid memories of this trip.  I have seen a photo of us dressed in our bright yellow, matching traveling outfits, preparing to leave Birmingham Alabama for our road trip to California. I actually remember that picture being taken and the moments leading up to it. I was so excited my stomach was in knots and I was afraid of getting carsick before we ever cranked up the white station-wagon.


Worst memory was when we stopped at the beginning of the trip and my grandmother picked up some little sachets for our purses. By the end of the month, I was so nauseous from smelling those potent sachets I could just die. I am sure it was intended to be pleasant, but it was an epic fail.  I never want to smell that scent again.  I guess just like in Family Vacation it was meant to keep the back seat odors to a minimum.  

We pulled along behind us the pop-up camper that we spent so much time in and around each evening.  My grandmother at the end of each day and hundreds of miles, would cook a meal on the butane Coleman stove. It was a meal with veggies, a meat or fish and she cooked on that pop-up stove like it was her regular gas stove at home. I can not remember eating a meal in a restaurant. She made dinner every night, state after state.  The one exception was when there was a tornado warning and we stayed that night in a motel. It was a scary night on the plains. Coming from Tornado Alley, we do not take a tornado warning lightly. So it was one secure night in a roadside motel.

From crossing the Mississippi River to following along the Platt River, bit and pieces of memories float in. There was a camp in North Platt Nebraska where we met a group of girls. My sister and I became fast friends with them and posed for pictures with them. It was a sunglasses extravaganza.  There is nothing like seven and eight-year-old girls in horn rim sunglasses to scream 1966.

My fear of being stabbed in the back in my sleep, which leads me to still only sleep facing the bedroom door, was initiated during that trip. My eight-year-old sister felt it was funny to tell me to sleep against the tent’s canvas side in case a rogue longhorn rammed the camper. Oh yeah, the fear was real and lasting. Now I can laugh as long as I am facing the door at the time. That was my Texas memory.  It was a keeper obviously.

rogue steer

When we climbed down from the Rockey mountains and went into the deserts of Arizona and California was another great focal point. It consisted of the two girls in the back seat changing clothes from winter mountain appropriate gear to a nice polyester short set, matching, of course.  As long as we are in the desert, there was the recollection of a sign that said last water for the next hundred or so miles.  I can’t remember the number, but it was large.

service station

The next memory is of the road trip crew sitting under a peak of rocks waiting for someone to stop and share water with us when the car overheated.  There is nothing so hot as being in Death Valley waiting on the kindness of strangers. I have no clue how long we stayed there, but we must have made it out before dinner time, or I would have remembered missing dinner.

scary double decker bridge

San Francisco’s memory was of my Grandfather running red lights because they were hanging on the right side of the street instead of the center. It took my Grandmother a few illegal crossings to get her point across. Her tone of voice might have been hard to understand as she was screaming “Arthur, Arthur, you are running the red lights. We are going to wreck, or get a ticket!”  It was pretty intense. My other memory of San Francisco other than the double-decker bridge was turning left at a Dairy Queen. I so wanted to go to Dairy Queen. There was a huge sign of a milkshake and I wanted one badly.

The massive trees in Sequoia National Park,

Sequoia-National-Park-drive through

Seeing across to British Columbia from Oregon, and watching a deer chew bubblegum on top of snowy Mount Ranier.

Mount Ranier.jpg

Then there was the fire on Bald Mountain Idaho, obviously, we were terrified, the air was filled with smoke and the scent of burning pines. It probably resembled this fire from 2007.  

I remember seeing it out the window of an antique store we were shopping in. It might have been in Ketchum I got a little miniature Kerosene lamp. I loved that lamp. It was clear glass and about 8 inches tall.

The rest of the trip is a bit of a blur, but when my sister and I get to talking about it, I have a few more memories crop up. It was a once in a lifetime experience for a girl my age to get to go to about 30 of the 50 states.  It was an amazing adventure and I hope I shared my appreciation to Mama Kate and Grandpa for the opportunity.

Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me. I hope you enjoyed it and it made you remember an epic vacation of your own. If so, share it, I would love to read yours.