Book Review: Girl in the Shadows by Angela Pepper

Girl in the Shadows (Diamond Files Mystery, #1)Girl in the Shadows by Angela Pepper
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was the first of a new series and I know I am going to love it. What can I say? I loved both Derek Diamond and Abby Silver. Derek is a middle aged detective that has been hired to investigate a murder. He needs an assistant for the week and ends up with Abby Silver. She is with the local temp agency.

This murder of Brock Kensington has the police working hard looking for clues. But Derek was working even harder to get ahead of them. From the beginning he knew this murder was not a random robbery gone wrong.

Derek Diamond’s personality is very charming in a no filter kind of manner. He is very abrupt in the way he deals with Abby. But it is endearing to me and she seems to be able to let it roll off her shoulders. Abby has some insecurities that allow her to accept little nicknames and generalities made by Derek. It was quite fun to read about their interactions. They really work well together with their hidden talents secret weapons, Like Chewie., Derek’s beagle.

These really fun and intelligent characters along with a juicy murder investigation was just the perfect book to start the day. I am itching to see what Derek Diamond does next book!

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