Book Review: The Harlow Hoyden by Lynn Messina

The Harlow Hoyden: A Regency Romance (Love Takes Root Book 1)The Harlow Hoyden: A Regency Romance by Lynn Messina
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have been seeing the Harlow Hoyden pop up on various emails suggesting books to add to the To Be Read pile and I finally grabbed a copy yesterday. First let me say, I love the title. I love the word hoyden. It is one of the most fun words in the English language. It draws pictures that make me laugh. Secondly this girl was hilarious as I hoped she would be. Not pratfall hilarious, but so staunch in her beliefs that she can not see the forest for the trees funny.

She starts the book in a totally unseemly manner stealing from a house where she is a guest. Not just stealing as in silverware or money, but something rare and beloved. She does so in front of an audience who deems to help her so that she does it right.

Emma Harlow from that point on amuses and confounds some of the most important people in the ton. There are unknown factors sprinkled all through the book which gives it an intensity that I did not expect from the title. So I was pleasantly surprised that there was so much intrigue and mystery involved.

This is a regency book and I was ready for that after weeks of detective books and thrillers. It was the perfect choice for a late night read that kept me reading until after eight am.

I think you would enjoy it if you like Dukes, Wonderful forward thinking Dukes. The Duke of Trent pushed all my buttons for a leading man. He was a willing and sometimes an unwilling participant in all manner of escapades along with the Harlow Hoyden. I was so glad I picked this up yesterday. I believe I will be re-reading it on a regular basis.

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