Looking for Authors, Artists, and More for Live hour Interviews on Online Radio

Itching to get your brand heard, find new followers, readers, fans? This is your opportunity. The always fun and interesting Yvonne Mason is searching for the guests for the final months of the year.  This means she is seeking Indie Authors, published authors, indie musicians, and others to join her for 60 minutes of entertaining and spontaneous radio.

It is fun, I have been a guest on the show, and Yvonne makes you feel comfortable and just as your getting all relaxed, the hour is gone.  This should show you what a fun time you are in for.


Contact this wonderful host and get your 60 minutes of fame. It is a lot more lasting than the 15 minutes Warhol promised.  Yvonne will share your links, your website address, and your book information. Share this with your talented friends, for this great opportunity.

Email her today! Reach her here

Check out her show here: Off the chain Radio with Yvonne Mason


Find out about her thrillers and mysteries here. YvonneMason.com

Finally, check out my book review on her amazing thriller The Mad Hatter


10 thoughts on “Looking for Authors, Artists, and More for Live hour Interviews on Online Radio

    1. You can certainly tell that she researched her subjects completely. As you talk to her, you find she relaxes you easily. She has a full library in her archives. You are exactly right, she is a fun, lively woman and she is just as cute and cool as can be.

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