Book Review: Lord Of The Abbey by K. R. Richards

Lord of the AbbeyLord of the Abbey by K.R. Richards
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lady Rowena Locke lives with her Aunt at Stonedown manor. When Harry Bellingham the new Earl of Glaston decides to make Glastonbury his home they become neighbors. Lady Rowena has quite the thirst for history and has discovered a letter in her home that has led her to believe that there is treasure around the Abbey. She had met Harry’s father but had not been able to interest him in her research request. Rowena hoped for more cooperation from his son.

Lord of the Abbey by K.R. Richards is like being invited into an archaeological site and being allowed to take part. There are exciting developments and dangers around every corner. The story is exciting and romantic. There has been pain in Rowena’s life and so she has decided that she shall never marry.

Harry is completely invested in both the treasure hunt and the woman. This is a very rich story that keeps you wondering where the next clue is going to turn up, and what is going to happen next. There is also a very exciting paranormal aspect to the story that keeps expanding the adventure.

Along in the adventure are the Lords of Avalon. A group of men that had formed a secret society to seek out and protect holy relics and treasure. Making sure that no one took them for their own benefit. These lords will make appearances in the following book in the series and those should be great too, because these men are wonderful strong and resourceful men. I look forward to the series featuring Micah, Lyon, Trevan, Charlie, Newt and Elveston. These are the ones that stick out to me and will make excellent heroes.

There are many discoveries throughout this book that really make the story much more than a romance novel. there are such interesting suppositions made that I just want to believe it is real. It is a wonderful book and I know the series will be just as full of adventure. This book was hard to classify since there were elements of mystery, romantic suspense and paranormal included. I can just say it was an awesome book.

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