Making Goodreads a Partner in your Success Story

Goodreads is a site I go to on a regular basis. Both as an author with books listed and as a reader with reviews showing. I created my account before I became an author and I write under a pseudonym so I didn’t think to check and see if my book was up there. Then one day I checked.  It was there!  I had to make a new account to attach it to the author page. From there, it was a  race to learn as fast as possible how to make Goodreads a good fit for me. Me the author, not me the reviewer.

Claim your Name

Goodreads makes it simple to make your author page approachable and welcoming. They even provide you with a blogging area so that you can share your thoughts, works in progress, and routines with those that follow you. The struggle for me was I was only known as a blogger.  How did I request all those reviewing friends to come over to be Sojourner Mc Connell’s friends and followers?  Would they accept me? I was nervous about it and I began looking at another way to get followers on my own as an author.  a year later, I am still working it out.  But along the way, I learned a few helpful secrets. Let’s keep this between just us, ok?

G Dashboard

A secret society!

Let’s start with the main focus on Goodreads besides finding books to read and review. That would be networking. You can find groups that are focused enough to find a niche group.  Are you a Young Adult author? No problem, there are several and I mean several YA groups. Read their intro, perhaps they are the same style of YA as you are.  Perhaps they are only YA romance, perhaps they are only YA Dystopian. It is worth the effort to see which group will fit your needs best.  Are you an Indie author?  There are groups that will focus on writing formulas, marketing strategies, self-promotion, editing tips, and on and on.  There are groups that will allow you to participate in Anthologies, writing contests, workshops. There are groups about music, roleplaying,  genre specific fan groups and everything in between. Need reviewers? There are groups where reviewers wait for an author to ask and then you might have 3-10 reviewers agree to read and review your new book. Don’t be afraid of the groups, embrace them. If you do not gel, leave the group. all that can really happen is that you are invited back by one of the members.

G Groups

A Worldwide opportunity

Marketing is hard if you are a timid, insecure writer, like Moi. Goodreads makes it more simple and less painful.  If you are not up to groups at this point, try a giveaway.  Let your giveaway run for several weeks. Many are quick to jump at a giveaway and many would be winners wait until the giveaway period is just about to end. You can gain hundreds of eyes on your book and book description as you wait for the giveaway to end. They also have the chance to follow you as an author.  This could mean potential buyers and potential fans. It is a painless way to gain a following.  You choose the location that you want to mail a package to. Making it worldwide will gain you more people, but will also cost you more in shipping. So keep physical book postage in mind when setting up a giveaway.  Be sure and sign the book before shipping and toss in some swag if you have it. Nothing like getting a book and a bookmark to remember an author’s name. You might even get a review out of the deal.

G Giveaways

One Last Secret

I am going to leave you with one final bit of secret information.  Don’t be afraid to blog, comment on other books reviews, make polls and quizzes on your books.  Be interactive and allow Goodreads followers an opportunity to find you, follow you and become your newest fan.  The main point is, make your presence known and felt on Goodreads. Many of the lovely readers and authors love to comment back and forth. When you see a proficient reader that comments, invite them to be friends, share your books that you read with them. Build a relationship with the people that love books as much as you do.  The members of Goodreads love to share a good book and stay involved in how that book does along the line. Once they have read your novel, the reader is offered a chance to recommend it. When they do so, you will have one more follower with your book on their shelves.  G Blog


A Blatant request 

I hope you will let me know of secrets and tips that you know about Goodreads. I know I still have a lot to learn.  What I know, I will share too. Want a new friend and follower on Goodreads? Invite me. I am happy to follow and friend readers, authors, and lovers of books. If you are so inclined, add my books to your shelves. I would be thrilled to see them there. Possibly you might pick it up and take a look at it and let me know how you like The Path of the Child and 31 Days of October by Sojourner McConnell.



4 thoughts on “Making Goodreads a Partner in your Success Story

  1. Hi Vicky! I am so glad you wrote on this topic. I’ve been blogging here about a year now and I’ve learned much. The folks on WP are pretty encouraging. Some really read the posts and put a lot of thought into their comments. Others a passersby looking for followers of their own. It’s about a 25 to 75 ratio at best but still there are people who seem touched and writing has value.

    Another platform I use regularly is LinkedIn. I do post appropriate blog posts there which lead to my WP site and book. I have 500 followers there that are professional connections. Of course I have an author FB page.

    As for Goodreads. I am still very skeptical.

    I think it is good that even though you are an author, you started Goodreads as a reader. That’s smart. I started because I was told it was the thing to do as an author. I have not really solicited any reviews for myself there, but I have a few. My book was released in late October (soft) and I have had a few successes, enough sales to make me keep going and 27 reviews to date on Amazon.

    As for Goodreads…I’ve nearly ignored it. Why? For one I find the platform too difficult to use. It’s not user friendly by comparison. My second reason is that some “reviewers” are just rating without reading which I think is unacceptable really no matter what the score. (I don’t see this with Amazon as much in the the reviews seem well informed.). For instance, on Goodreads I was rated a “1” by a woman who had no real profile info and is rating books at the rate of several a week with no review comments. I also find there is a level of snobbery among the reviewers. There is a vibe I don’t like. Do you feel it?

    So I am not sure what I’m going to do with Goodreads. I read and I want to review, but maybe I should just stick to Amazon and WP for that. Goodreads might be good for some but when push comes to shove I find myself reluctant to spend much time there. I’d rather work my platforms outside and let the chips fall.

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    1. Wow, I am so sorry to hear all that. I have not had anyone be mean to me or overly harsh about my books. I have had a few ratings I did not like, but they always seemed to have at least read my books. I as an author have not focused as much as I should have on garnering reviews on goodreads. I do have almost as many on there as I do on amazon. So that hasn’t been an issue. There is really so much more available than just the star ratings. There are many marketing tools available in the grouops. That is often overlooked. As I plow along building Sojourner into a an entity of her own, I will watch for negative or snobbish behavior.

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      1. I believe there is a lot of good of course but another issue is that I’m spreading myself thin between all of the sites and media outreach (my day job takes too much out of me too).

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  2. I understand that completely! I believe if you just make your profile page friendly and welcoming, then your book will reap the results without you having to hand hold in Goodreads. 🙂 I have not been to your profile page, so it might already be friendly and inviting. Word of mouth will help spread the name of your book from one reader to the other.


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